Friday, June 23

straight up

Jason was playing with the camera, and caught these shots. Although it's a little fuzzy you can see Kerstyn's hair, and how it sticks straight up. She's such a little character!

Kerstyn has decided that she doesn't want to take an afternoon nap anymore - which is the one she really needs the most. So, I've been laying her down - but there are no results. That was the nap that I got to have some me time too - oh well just part of it. So, yesterday was the 4th day - and I'm going to try and put her down around 12 to see if that works better. She's wanting to go to bed at 6, and that means I have to get up at 6 - YUCK! 6:30 is bad enough, but 6 is pushing it! Hopefully it works well - we will see after the next few days. So, because of her napping issues we've stopped swim lessons, and will continue in August. I really think this will be so much better too! She will be 13 months, and be a little stronger too.

Ashlee's such a good girl - she gets a little annoyed by our new very affectionate cat! He wants to constantly lay all over her - it's too cute.

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