Tuesday, August 19

photography by my friend Sharon @


photography by my friend Sharon

photography by my friend Sharon

Daddy's teachin her to work on her jeep

He imagines them one day working on a big jeep together. She is deffinately his little helper!!!!

Kerstyn and her daddy...

so sweet!!!

more creations by Kerstyn...

she is so funny :). I always forget to write down funny things Kerstyn has said, or done right after they happen - I've got to get better about that because I'm so forgetful. Thank God for the person he gave the wisdom to to invent sticky notes!! whooohooo! I do remember this because it happened yesterday. Jason texted me yesterday asking if I'd seen his check book. I said the last place I saw it was on the coffee table Friday night when you were resting. I then said you may want to check in all Kerstyn's purses and her playroom. The reason I know this is because before we leave the house to go somewhere she stuffs as many toys, snacks, whatever she can find laying around in whatever purse of her choice and brings it out the door. So stinkin cute!! For church Saturday, she had 3 measuring cups, a stuffed rabbit, some fruit snacks and of course a raggy :). So, a little later I asked him if he'd found it. He said "so funny, it was in one of her purses". Hey, at least it wasn't lost :).

I left my shaving cream out...

our little photographer :)

the camera has to be put out of Kerstyn's sight, or she'll go around taking pictures of everything possible. She's got such a little personality!

rain or shine she's a happy girl!

Sunday, July 20

Kerstyn's 3rd birthday party!!

It was very fun!! We got there a little early, and I was glad to be able to get Kerstyn used to everything before all the kids got there. With her personality she gets kindof afraid when it's overwhelmed with kiddos. There were only a couple of times she got a little too much, but other than that she did awesome!! We had a bunch of kiddos there! Her birthday guests included: Emily, Karleigh, and Josh + mom, Robby + baby Reese and mom, Lexi and Dylon + mom and dad, Cousin Cali + Aunt Candice, Cousin Aden, Makenzie + mom and dad, Michael + mom and gramma, Logan + mom, Abby and Allysa + big sister, friend and mom, Rylee + mom, Braden + mom, Kiera, Kohen + mom, Afton + mom, p-pop and memaw, Lisa, Big p-pop and gramma, gramma Block and mommy and daddy.