Monday, February 5

given her stuffed care bare kitty some lovins while waiting on lunch

Kerstyn cuttin a rug...

while we were at aunt Katie's house Kerstyn started dancing for a really long time to the main menu music on Car's. She had to of danced for 10 or more minutes total, and it cracked us up.

When I say in here "she is so cute - I wonder if she'll stay that way" I'm referring to if she will stay that way when I change positions to get a frontal view. I know she will always stay cute :)!!!! Get ready to laugh...

gettin a snack & 1st time to sit in new art desk

Kerstyn got this art desk from Karleigh, and she absolutely loves it!! She sits in it all the time. Her most favorite thing to do is color, and so this comes in very handy. She also loves her Elmo chair that we got her for Christmas. It giggles everytime she sits in it, or it moves. Now she likes to just pick it up, and flip it over sometimes just to hear it giggle.

She has grown so much!! She now has all 4 front top teeth, and 3 on the bottom + four mollars - 1 on each side of her mouth. Last night I stuck my finger in her mouth to see if there were any new teeth coming in, and she bit my figner HARD!!! It bleed, and there are now 2 slices where her mollar cut my finger. So, I dunno if there are anymore - and I'll only know if she opens her mouth for me. She says all kinds of thing, but nothing on demand...of course. She can say kitty, bubble, hello, yellow, tree, ball, shoe, Ashlee (we know what she's saying, but someone else may not :) ), and she can sign for more, all done/gone and please (although this one is rare). The words she says most often are bubble, kitty and shoe - oh and hello when the phone is ringing for real, or on TV...pretty cute!! She can also say a, b, c, d of the abc song - this is because every single toy made says the abc's, and so do the TV shows. She has also started giving hugs more, and is not being so stingy with those, but we still rarely get kisses. She has started taking a liking to her smaller stuffed animals and dolls, and will hug them and carry them around for a min with one arm. When she hugs you, the kitty (Mr. Blue), Ashlee, or a doll/stuffed animal she also says hhmmmmmm - I guess that's just her lovin on you sound - the thumb almost always goes into the mouth too when she hugs on Ashlee or kitty. She is also still lovin her raggies - oh she says that too, but it's more like gigie, and when she see's a gigie the thumb goes into the mouth - only the right one.