Friday, June 23

She's a monkey

These are fuzzy, but I think you get the picture! She's climbing all over anything that will support her. Jason and I turned around the other day and she was half way up the outside of her pack n' play - scaleing it with her feet and everything. Scared us big time - then we cracked up!

Yeah - I got her to sleep this afternoon. I'm thinking that she's going through another "developmental change" - that's the fancy words the doctor's use for it anyway. Basically, they're doing so many new things that they don't want to sleep. So, I put her down and about 30 mins later - after I ate lunch (just in case she wouldn't lay back down) I went in with a bottle. She drank it all, and then only rolled around for about 10-15 mins and finally passed out. She hasn't been wanting to take a bottle when I layed her down originally - I guess because she had just had one with her lunch - I dunno - but it worked today - well see about tomorrow.

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addictedtoblogs said...

OK, but her hysterical meltdowns are so funny! She was so giddy!