Monday, March 24

happy birthday to...

someone. I'm not sure who it is though! haha :)

I can't get the thingie to work below...??? Click the link above, and you'll be able to see Kerstyn singing happy birthday :)


We had a great day with our family!! Gramma and P-pop Fischer, Candice and Cali came up for the day. We all went to church, then came home and had lunch, and then Candice and I went outside to hide eggs (in the cold wind!), and the girls went to town getting them! They had a fun time playing together, and hunting eggs. The weekend went by way too fast!!!!! I am so thankful for my wonderful family, and the love I am able to expierience because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us! I am so thankful that He did what He promised - and we have the choice to connect with God on a personal level at every moment of our life.



changin the stinkies

on her babies. She was excited to have real diapers to play with. I need to make her some for her dolls that fit them better.

Thursday, March 13

my little ballerina :)

is simply adorable!!! She is deffinately ready for dance class :)

Wednesday, March 12

new flip flops

from great gramma Block! She didn't like the feeling of the thing between her toys - as you can see :)

Meet the Snichers!

We went to make a snowman family with our friends The Swan's on Friday morning, and I promised Kerstyn we would make some at home after her nap. Well, by the time 4 came around the sun had melted almost all the snow. It went FAST! So, I rused around the house gathering things to put on the snowmen, and went outside. I made these guys in 15 mins! I wanted them to be up when she woke up from her nap. Well, as you can see in the 1st picture - she wasn't a happy camper. I woke her up, and she wasn't happy about all! Then, she settled down, and wanted to kiss the baby one. She wants to kiss the baby EVERYTHING!

Kerstyn dancing to...

American Idol...haha

Friday, March 7

it snowed again...

ALOT! Yesterday at about noon it started snowing huge snow flakes. By 1:00 I was on my way home - along with every other person in Sherman, Texas! It was crazy. Later in the evening we went for a ride, and the roads were much better. There was barely anyone on the streets, and the main roads were mostly slush. We ended up not having to go in to work today, and so Kerstyn and I went to some friends house to play outside a bit. We had a blast, and made them a snow family. I told Kerstyn when she woke up from her nap that we would make our own family too :).

Tuesday, March 4

by this morning...

it snowed a bunch!!!! There was probably a foot or more of snow on the ground! Kerstyn was excited!!! Her school is delayed til 10 - so we got to spend the morning playing in it a little. It was nice, but really cold! :)

it began to snow last night!

It was around 6:30, and it started to snow. Kerstyn kept saying..."Where's the snowman?" Before we went to bed around 10 - I took the pictures of Ashlee going out. It had snowed a good few inches by that time.

hey daddy....

that's my bicycle! She had fun pushin, and chasing her daddy on her bike. :)