Sunday, November 26

Kerstyn & her gramma Block

We went to the zoo last weekend, and it was perfect weather. Kerstyn is warming up to her gramma as soon as her time here is coming to an end. We've been going to the park almost everyday. Kerstyn would love to be outside all the time playing in the dirt! She's just like her daddy, and hates to be inside! She is always walking to the front and back door trying to get outside. She can reach the knob, but good thing the lock is still outta reach...for now anyway

Thursday, November 9

Kerstyn's 1st real shower

Different things...

The two close ups of Kerstyn of where she ate some blue crayon...

I tried to get some good shots of her face, but she didn't want to sit still. She had it everywhere!

Thursday, November 2

walking, and trying to open the door knob...

which she can almost reach! Good think the lock is a little higher ;). could get a little dizzy while watching this because of my great camera action :)

Kerstyn sittin in her shoppin cart glued to the tube!

She just loves her raggies!

Kerstyn carries these things everywhere! It's an automatic that when she sees the raggie the thumb goes into the mouth. They just go peas and carrot's :).

Kerstyn & her daddy lovins