Friday, June 29

she is learning colors

I've been dying her raggies different colors, and she is learning them one by one. So far she's learned yellow and green, and were on our way to learning blue :). She helped with the mixing of the salt and water, and her white raggies were in the bucket. She wanted to pull them out, and then put others that were already colored in. She just likes to play in water!! Anyway, she amazes me with how smart she is, and I can't believe I'm really teachin her these things :).

The last pic is just one of us today bein goofy in the mirror :)

busy little girl :)

Kerstyn went potty for the 1st time on Tuesday 6/18, and then again this past Tuesday 6/26 (so must be a Tuesday thing). Now she is learning what it's all about. She says she has to go all day long, and I'll sit her on there with no potties in the toilet. She enjoys sitting and reading a good book on the! She is such a little cutie pie :).

Saturday, June 23

fun at the water park!!

Isn't she so stinkin cute! Thank you great aunt Ellen for her bathingsuit :)

At first she wasn't so sure about all the splashing water, and screaming kids...

but then she got her feet wet (haha), and had a blast!!! Since we had never been there I didn't know I would also get soaking wet. I know now for next time :). She had so much fun!! I'm so glad we have great sunscreen!


She liked playin in the playgound area too!! She's not afraid to swing anymore either :)

Friday, June 22

playin with daddy

Jason carried Kerstyn all around the house on his back until she decided she was all done. He was grateful for that too! She is deffinately a daddy's girl!!!! :)

Saturday, June 16

playin w/the potty chair

at least the potty seat is getting used for somethin - lol! Kerstyn will tell us potty, potty, but she just wants to sit on it - were deffinately in no rush, but do let her sit on it if she says potty. At least she knows what it's for, and she'll do it when she's ready :)

Friday, June 15

I can stinkin sew...

well! Ck out the diaper I made for Kerstyn. It actually held together in a wash, and didn't leak - so it did what it was made for :). I should get better w/practice!

Thursday, June 14

we are pictured...

here - it's our library that we go to every Thursday!! You can see me picking Kerstyn up in the air. Our library is awesome, and they were very worthy of this grant!!!!

say cheeessseeee

I asked her to say cheese for the camera, and she did :). Too funny!!
This morning she talked for the 1st time on the phone to gramma Block!! She usually just listens, but I said say yellow, and she did, so then we went thru all the words she can say til she got tired of doing that. It was soo sweet!!! Mom loved hearin her voice over the phone :)

playin hard!

She loves playin on the couch!! She's found a new thing - holding onto the coffee table with her hands and with her feet on the couch she lifts herself up - she tries to act like she's stuck sometimes, but I know better. The one where she has her shirt up - she's showin me how full she got from dinner - which was really, really full!!

Monday, June 11

lovin the animals and gettin a drink

Kerstyn is always lovin on the animals, and she actually stopped for a second for me to get a pic :). We took her daddy a drink, and she stole the rest of it when we

Tuesday, June 5

she's gettin so big!

Kerstyn is changing so much, so fast!! She is now trying to count, but the only number she can say is 2. So, she counts out her cheerios...2...2....2....2 - it's so cute! She's got an excited face - where she makes a little O with her mouth, and she sticks her tounge out for amusement also. I caught her mid way thru stickin out her tounge, because she wouldn't do her excited face for me. She was also saying fishie andpointing at Nemo :). Everyday she is doing something new, and amazes me. She is such a joy to watch grow up!!