Tuesday, May 22

giber gaber

I caught Kerstyn at the end of her conversation on the phone. She's just too cute!! :)


Kerstyn's 1st ponytails :)

So there's barely enough hair, but I managed to get it into two little ponytails. They lasted a few hours - so that's a start - ;).

beep, beep

Tuesday, May 15

bath time, kissin gramma & getting ready to go

Kerstyn and Cali had cake all over them, and they needed to get a bath to take it all off. They had a blast playin together all evening! After their bath they played some more, and gramma even got a real kiss on the lips from Kerstyn - although you can't see it from Cali - but you can get the idea.
Then Sunday we were getting ready to go to Kerstyn's great gramma's, and she wanted to carry her backpack like a big girl. I told her to say cheese, and got an in between smile pic :).

tutu girls

I finally got around to making the tutus that I had gotton material for a very long time ago. They turned out really cute, and they looked adorable on. I'm hoping to get some of Kerstyn's 2 yr photos in hers :).

going to gramma and grandiddy's for Cali's bday party!!

Gramma, Daddy, Kerstyn and Cali - oh and Ashlee, Mocha and Lexi played by the pool before we had dinner. The girls had a great time putting their toes in the water, and wanted to jump in.