Thursday, December 28

Kerstyn's Christmas

Kerstyn had a great time on Christmas with everybody! She woke up from her nap a little cranky, but got over it soon. She was in a great mood, and had a blast opening presents and playing with everyone. She's got too much stuff!!!!!!

gettin into presents, and reading

We only had the presents under the tree for a couple of days, and you can see why. The bottom of the tree is now bear, and the top is full of She had fun taking things off the tree and running from me as I tried to get it. We play chase everyday now just because she thought it was so much fun, and I tell her I'm gonna get you...

Kerstyn just loves to read, and she is actually reading this book outloud. It was so cute - I've got it on video - I'll see if I can post it too :).

eating, eating, eating...

some skettie, a cookie her great aunt Elen made for us, and cereal + drinkin the left over milk like her daddy. He said, ummm I guess I taught her a bad habbit...hehe :)

Tuesday, December 12

Kerstyn dacing to elmo's world

she loves elmo!!! I think she loves dancing more tho, and does it all the time to anything that has a beat to it. She's so cute!

sorry it's dark, and kinda blurry :(

sitting in her grocery cart

Kerstyn loves it when I push her around the house in her shopping cart, but doesn't like it much when we stop. At least I'm in better shape now - so I can last a bit longer :).

Thursday, December 7

checkin out the snowmen

Kerstyn loves Mr. Blue, and he and Ashlee are both so good with her!!! She will go up and give each of them 'hugs' - which consists of sucking her thumb, and laying her head/upper body on them. She is so so lovie!!

I don't think I've mentioned that she now has 6 teeth. 2 on bottom that are in good, 2 on top that are in pretty good, but still coming thru, and the 2 next to the 2 on top that are just showing thru some - so they've got some more to come out still. She's been teething horribly for her 1 yr molars, and I'm afraid to stick my finger in there because she almost took the end off with just 2 bottom teeth - wowza!!!

I just had to include the 2 pics of her and I - where she was having a fit by the way - but seriously - she doesn't even look like my kid!!!

she woke up from her nap...

to a bright pretty tree to touch! Since this has been up - she can't refuse herself the pleasure of removing at least 3 candy canes, and some sparkly gold twistie thingies at least 4 times a day. When she sees me coming she takes off as fast as she can (she's getting pretty fast!) in the opposite direction.

climbing to the top!

I'm sure these won't post in order, but you can put together the stages of Kerstyn climbing up a chair. Then she proceeds to leep off the side by steping like she can walk on air. Ahha...can't turn my head for a second!!

Kerstyn's 1st twinkie :)

the day before gramma Block went home

Kerstyn finally got a little used to her gramma being around, but still wanted to stay close to momma! Just like gramma said..."She'll get used to me when it's time for me to go home".

We miss you gramma Block!

Kerstyn's 1st pair of tennis shoes...

that only lasted about a week, and they're too small!!!! Yep, she seriously grew overnight. She wore them probably 4 times before they wouldn't go on anymore, and shoes that were way too big a week earlier - fit just perfect now!

Jason put Kerstyn in the drawer, and Mr. Blue decided he needed to check it out too! I can barely get any unblurred pics these days because our camera seems to be slowly, but surely poopin out on us! :(

pickin a winner!