Monday, November 26

Kerstyn sayin the abc's...kinda

she was doin it a bunch, but then of course I wanted to record it. She was pretty interested in Ashlee more, but you can get the idea :)

Sunday, November 25

Kerstyn's 1st hair cut!

She did so great! We just needed a little taken off the ends to make it not look so stringy, and it worked out pretty good. She had a good time, and it didn't seem to bother her at all. They keep some of her hair, and took a picture of her that went in a cute card that says "my 1st hair cut". Next time I won't have to travel so far for a kids only hair cutting place.

Kerstyn's 1st hair cut!

Friday, November 23

cooking, and Thanksgiving day

Kerstyn wanted to put her apron on just like her momma, and help cook some pies. She did a good job mixing her flour and water, and swished it around pretty good!! See how tall she is getting!! She can reach for anything that's from the middle to the edge of the counter - yep!

Thanksgiving day she had fun visiting her cousin Aden, and as you can see he taught her a motorcycle stunk. Not sure what it's called, but he did it, and then she copied him. At least it stopped there!! ;)

different days...

We hung out in the house the day Kerstyn wanted to wear my winter socks, and wear a hat :). She looked cute! She was painting some pictures that we will be giving out for Christmas presents from her. She had a blast, and you'll see what her favorite color is when you get yours :). I finally made it through the pattern directions to accomplish this cute dress for her. It'll fit her really well this summer :)

Thursday, November 15

Kerstyn's 1st school program

Today was Kerstyn's class presentation for Thanksgiving, and we had a Thanksgiving Day Feast. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Washington, and we love her! It was nice to be able to be there, and Jason got to come too! The principal warned us parents that the kids could get upset when they see us, and just to encourage them to stay up there w/their class mates to do their presentation. As you can see the principal was right, and Kerstyn and the little blonde girl in the front started crying as soon as we entered the room! Kerstyn did calm down, and stood up there, but was silent. I think they were in awe of all the parents standing around them.

Kerstyn's 1st school program :)

Although she didn't sing along she at least stopped crying, and stood up there. It was cute even though she didn't say anything. They pledged allegiance to the bible, and sung a 'I am a Christian' song, but not the annoying one that spells it out. It was cute :)

Kerstyn's 1st school program :)

Jason took the one's at the beginning while she was waiting on me to bring her plate. He left shortly after, and she started acting well...not so good! It was not good, but I was able to distract her with a cup cake a little later :)

bag lady

she's learning early to use reusable bags - lol :). She just likes running around the house with them all on her arms sayin...goin shoppin!! hehe :)

Sunday, November 4

sleeping beauty :-)

I just took this of her sleeping - good thing the little rail is there to hold her in. She went right to sleep, and didn't even want to be rocked to bed. She's so precious!!

It's official...

Kerstyn is a big girl!!!!!!! After her nap today we decided it was time for her to be in a toddler bed - mainly because she *screams* at the top of her lungs for us to come get her when she wakes up - hehe. So, tonight is her 1st night - and she was so excited! We got out her new bedding that our cousin gave to us, and actually designed - so she kept saying 'preeetttyy princess'. She is our princess, and she is growing up so fast :)