Friday, September 29

Click on the link to see the video...

I could'nt get it to work - so hopefully you can see the video by clicking on the link below. It's kinda long, but is nice for everyone that does'nt get to see Kerstyn very often. I'll update with more video soon :)

Wednesday, September 27

getting ready to go for a walk

We were getting ready to go for a walk, and it was a little windy so we pulled out Kerstyn's wind breaker. She wore the hood for about 2 mins :) long enough to snap some pics. She is feeling SOOO much better now!!! Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart and she smiled and laughed at every person that walked by...finally my baby girl is back!!!

Kerstyn in her cloth

Were going at cloth diapring again :). I'm really sad that I gave it up when she was younger too. It's not that bad, and her diaper rash goes away when she's wraped in cloth. We will save a ton of $$ by the time I get a stash of diapers up. It's got it's ups and downs just like anything else, but I'm really enjoying it!

Tuesday, September 26

playin around

Kerstyn has still been fighting the same ear infection she originally got about a month ago! It's been a crazy week to say the least. We've been to the doctor's office 8 times since July, and were now on our 3rd antibiotic! Poor baby had to get an antibiotic shot on Thursday, and now she's dealing with allergies and a little cold on top of that. I think all of Texas probably is having allergy problems right now - it's crazy! I know this household is keeping Puffs Plus in business :)

Tuesday, September 12

zoom, zoom

Well, if she'd just figure out that her feet go on the floor, and her legs are straight and her booty is to be on the seat - then she could zoom, zoom... She's got her own little thing down, and as long as she's having fun I really don't care :)

:( She looks so big here sitting on the floor looking at the ceiling fan on super sonic high... She's looking more like a little toddler and not like a baby anymore :(

messy eater

messy, messy eater :)

wild sleeper

After some rambling to get to bed this is how Kerstyn ended up. I did manage to get everything straightened out without waking her completely up.

Kerstyn playing peek a boo in the car

Isn't she a cutie!!! :) She loves playing peek a boo. We were at the drive thru getting some dinner since daddy was going to be coming home late. Towards the end she was getting a little frustrated.

Saturday, September 9

Kerstyn & Ashlee

Ashlee has decided that this baby is okay now! She gets excited when Kerstyn is coming at her with her walking toy. We kept telling Ashlee that one day she'd really like her, and they'd be best friends. :)

This is another one the outfits that Aunt Sharla and Uncle Doug got for Kerstyn.