Saturday, June 10

she's floating!

Kerstyn has been floating really well. We are starting our 3rd week, and she should finish after 4 weeks of going 5 days a week. She isn't able to go today because of having a little bit of a fever last night and early this morning. I just hate her not being able to tell me what's wrong!!! So, we will play it by ear about going tomorrow too. Now if we can just get her to flip she'll pass her swim test will flying colors. :)

We started a new time this week, and so I gave up on fighting her to put a swim suit on right after waking from a nap. So - now she just goes topless........the only time in her life she ever will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

addictedtoblogs said...

boobies, I see boobies!
Thats so amazing that she can do that!