Saturday, April 28

Our morning walking...

for WalkAmerica was beautiful! Kerstyn was so ready to get out of her stroller and run around. She had a little bite to eat and ran around like a crazy child! She loved the ballons and rocks the most :). There were lots of people there, and we made some new friends.

Wednesday, April 18


She may not be feeling that great, but she can climb all over anything in a second! We are constantly telling her to sit down, or get down - but she doesn't care. She just wants to explore by climbing :)


Monday, April 9

egg hunting

Kerstyn and Aden had a great time hunting eggs! She had learned how to do it at the Library on Thursday, and kept just wanting to pick up an egg and shake it forever. We put change in them, and so it was just too fun to shake up :). We figured they get way too much candy, and you can't go wrong with money. They had a great time, but it was freezing!!!

Tuesday, April 3

pretty blue bonnets!!

We went to the dam to take pictures, and I was in shock at the tons of beautiful blue bonnets!! It is so, so beautiful, and pictures just don't do it justice. Kerstyn had a blast running through them, and then we went and saw the dam. She thought that was even cooler! We will deffinately be taking more pictures before they are burnt up by the blistering Texas sun. :)

pretty blue bonnets!

Movies :)

Kerstyn playing in the sand in Florida

Playin in the leaves when we went camping :)

our 1st family camping trip in our motorhome :)

We had so much fun! Kerstyn did so good - we were amazed! I didn't get pics of her 1st boat trip, but she even did good while her daddy fished. He caught a few, and she thought that was so neat, but she didn't want to touch them :). We are looking forward to our next trip out!!

Kerstyn blowing bubbles by herself

Fun in the Florida sun!

Kerstyn ran this little toy out!! She had tons of flat space to run around on, and took advantage of it :). Onyx - gramma's dog - and her became friends. She had a great time!

fun in the Florida sun!!

Kerstyn and I had a great time visiting our family in Florida! This was the 2nd time Kerstyn has seen her great gramma Block. They had a great time playing all the time. It was beautiful outside most of the time, and that's Kerstyn's favorite place to be! She ran and ran and ran! It was nice to relax, and I actually read a book and a 1/4 of another! It was nice :)