Saturday, April 26

She didn't want to take a nap...

Kerstyn was playing in her bed, and I asked her if she wanted to take a nap - she said NO! I was getting ready and came back in to find her playing, and talking to the wall. She still said she didn't want to take a nap. Then I went back in about 10 mins later, and she was knocked out! haha :)

Last night she had her very first sleep over at her friend Robby's house. She did great, and had so much fun playing. She ended up staying up until 12:30 playing, and slept until 10:30 this morning. I guess she was wiped out, and that's why she ended up falling asleep this afternoon. Jason and I didn't do anything exciting. He ended up getting home from work really late, and was exhausted. This morning someone came to look at the house - so it was nice to get everything done without a toddler leaving a trail of new things to pick up. We missed her terribly though!

Kerstyn & Ashlee & Socks :)

She loves her animals :)

Sunday, April 13

right before church

Kerstyn wanted her picture taken. It was bright, and kinda cold. She put her bible, and of course raggy in her purse. She's such a cutie :)

Kerstyn's first rainbow!!

Thanks to my friend Sharon we've got it captured!!! We were at home depot last night, and the clerk said of wow a rainbow! We all ran out there and went to see it. Kerstyn was amazed, and I got to tell her why it was there and God's promise through the rainbow. She loved it! I didn't have my camera, but I knew right there in my mind that Sharon was catching it on film. I'm so thankful she did, and she made this adorable collage for us. Thanks Sharon!!

Saturday, April 12

some new things

I haven't been good about posting regularly, and Kerstyn has been changing so much! I'll post some of the new things she's been doing, and saying.

Last week we were discussing her biting issue at school. I asked her why she kept biting, and she just looked at me puzzled. I explained what why meant, but to an almost 3 year old it had to of been Greek! So, Monday I picked her up from school, and told her we were going home or something. Well, she started asking why to everything I said. I mean everything! I'd say something, and she'd say why, then again, and again. It was too funny. Jason said he was taking her to school Thursday morning, and she asked him why about something. He said he was explaining the situation to her - when she said "daddy...what are you talking about?" LOL!! He was cracking up! Oh, Friday morning Kerstyn's teachers informed me that she had told them earlier in the week that mommy was having a baby. wow...not!! They said that was her saying she was ready for a baby. She cracks us up everyday with something new. Her speech is getting clearer, and her expressions are hilarious!! She is such a joy, and blessing to have in our lives. We are privileged that God choose us to be her parents!!

We were playing in her playroom the other night, and I snapped some pics...finally!! The whole family was there :)