Thursday, June 8

cheerio explosion!

So, the little green bowl with the blue lid on it in the picture is *supposed* to hold finger foods in it for little hands, and not get it everywhere. Well - not if your my little Kerstyn!! She got some out, and then tipped it over and shook it until all the cheerios were on the floor. Then, she put the bowl down - continued playing - and picked up a cheerio and ate it whenever she wanted one. I'm sure this happens all the time with these bowls, and I think they could've done a little better job in the engineering of their functionality!

Anyway - - she took her first step! It was actually around the time I took these pictures. She was walking along the couch as she always does, and let go - took one little baby step - and then fell forward on her hands. I was impressed that her legs still stayed straight, and she didn't fall on her backside like usual. So, I'm thinking that she could be walking by her birthday - or at least taking better steps by then. She is starting to let go more and more and just stand in mid air for a few seconds at a time.

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