Friday, June 16

felling better!!!

My little pumpkin is feeling sooo much better today!!! We went to the doctor yesterday, and found out she has a little bit of an ear infection. I told Jason the whole house has been on antibiotics - but us. The cat, the dog and now Kerstyn. Oh, we got a cat "Mr. Blue" on Friday night - I'll post pictures later hopefully. Anyway, after fighting a fever for 4 days I knew something was wrong because she just wasn't acting like herself. She has been so clingy to me, and constantly pulling at my day I'll miss that!!! I always feel like I'm perinoid - so I tried to wait as long as I could to take her to the doctor. Not to mention we have already gone our 2 times this quarter - so we had to pay full price to go. I was very relieved we went, and Jason was too! She seems to be finally getting her appitite back, and slept sooo much better last night! It was very very nice! Her doctor said she should be pretty much back to normal by tonight, and deffinately by tomorrow. She will start back her swimming lessons on Monday, and we have 2 more weeks left and then we're done for this year.

I've been working with her on saying bye bye - she's doing really good. She has been sooo vocal these past couple of days too - very strange for her. Both teeth are through now, and I'm dreading going through teething again!! No big changes in her otherwise, but she's also been in my arms most of the time the past week.

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addictedtoblogs said...

Thats too funny...she has the bottle dangling out of her mouth in all the pics! Im glad that shes ok now though! Man, we need to find some way to get her on my insurance....hmmm, how could we scam the Army!!! HAHA I love you!