Tuesday, February 28

I wanna sit up this way!

Kerstyn is bound and determined to sit up this way! She'll get there one day - and be soooo happy!!! She is growing and changing everyday. It seems she is always doing something new, and then after a few days decides she's threw with it. When she is upset and crying she's started crying mamamamama. It's not exactly mama, but I'll take it :). She loves it when I sing "You are so beautiful" to her. I guess cuz I go real high. She likes riding her sister, Ashlee (our dog) - only daddy knows how to do it, she pulls my hair - even when it's up, and she laughs and giggles all the time now. I would say we are on a schedule now. She is taking 3 naps a day. She'll go down the 1st time between 9-10, then between 12-1, and then again between 4-5. Then, we start night time/bed time routine at 7. She is so fun to watch grow up!! I'm a very blessed mommy!!!

Sunday, February 26

Too cute!

Kerstyn is not too sure about her Jumparoo yet, and she will only stay in it for a very short amount of time. I think the fact that it bounces has her a little freaked out still. She will really like it once she decides it's okay. The other picture is how I found her last night when I checked on her. She is just too cute!! I loved the way she had positioned her lamb, and then layed on top of it.

Friday, February 24


Kerstyn has been playing on our new rug everyday, and she loves it!
I've found her in her crib, and on the floor up on all fours rocking back and forth and scooting. It will be anytime now that we can look for some crawling.

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Thursday, February 23

Great gramma's 80th birthday!

Kerstyn had a very fun filled day! Aunt Tonya and cousin Aden came over, and we went to pick up great gramma Tate for her 80th birthday. We didn't go anywhere fancy - just McDonalds! Gramma didn't care, and it was a place where Aden could run off some energy. Then we went to the grocery store just to pick up some milk for gramma. Almost $100 later we leave with 2 very over tired cranky kids and a whole back truck load of groceries. Of course Aden fell asleep in the store, but not my little investigator. She was too busy checking everything out, and couldn't fall asleep of course. Then finally in the car on the way back to gramma's - after some areobic like maneuvers to be able to nurse Kerstyn while driving she finally fell asleep. We had a wonderful day spending time with our family!

Teething beauty

Kerstyn is teething so bad! I got her these really neat net holders that you can put fruit, veggies and ice in. She loved having ice in it until her gums and lips became numb. It will be fun for her to experiment with all kinds of foods in there one day.

Monday, February 20

cha, cha, chaaannngeeee

Well that's what all the women on my breastfeeding website are telling me about Kerstyn's current sleep problems - times they area changin. Growing up is hard to do, and she just needs her momma to make it all better. As you can see she's happy as can be - playing and doing the normal things. She has began posing for the camera when I get it out. It seems she knows I'm about to take her picture - (I couldn't imagine how!). Well, I've learned so many things as a mother - mostly that I can function properly and do all my daily activities with only hours of sleep. I must admit she's worth it!!!!

Saturday, February 18

Kerstyn eating green beans

WOW! Last night was a rough one!!! At 1am I rocked Kerstyn for 1 hour - yes ladies and gentleman - 1 hour, and both times I put her down she woke and started crying. I don't know what's going on, and really really really wish she could tell me!!! Teething tablets and tylonal didn't even change a thing! So, since daddy is gone hunting she came to bed with me - where I guess I got a few hours of shut eye :). There is no sign of a tooth even making it's way to the gums, and so I have no clue as to what it is.

Anyway, this is video of her eating green beans last night. It's in 3 videos, and you will have to scroll down to see the middle one, and then the last one. It only allows up to 2 mins of recording for each video - so this was the best way I could let all you see her eating at a whole sitting. She's such a little cutie! I don't like the high chair she has, and will be looking for one through resale. It just doesn't seem like a very safe one for my little wiggle worm! Well - enjoy, and we love you all!!!

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Middle video of eating green beans

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Last video of eating green beans

THE END!!!!!

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Thursday, February 16

Sweet baby

On Valentine's night, and again last night I found Kerstyn sleeping with her legs up underneath her. She just looked so sweet and of course I had to take a picture! Yesterday she started getting up on her elbows and knees and rocking back and forth a little. I can't believe how fast she is changing! Before we know it she will be 1 :(. Everyone always says they grow up fast, and boy do they! I'm so blessed to be able to be with her and see her every milestone everyday!!

Tuesday, February 14

Kerstyn's 1st Valentines Day

Kerstyn had a great Valentine's Day! She got a card from gramma Block and GG, this card, 4 red roses and this Veggie Tales movie pack from her daddy. She had to go to the doctor so we could figure out what the little red mark in between her eyes was - and it's eczema. We got the perscription cream for it, and I put some on it tonight and gave her some benadryl - hopefully it helps her to sleep good too!!

Screaming beauty

This is Kerstyn screaming - a little and laughing - a little! Trust me it's a lot louder than this usually. Especially at 7 am when your tired, or when she's laying in bed going to sleep. :)

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Monday, February 13

7 months old today!

Okay this is my 2nd attempt to do this - hopefully it works! This is video of Kerstyn sitting up, and I thought I'd get her to scream - but that wasn't happening. She was too excited about sitting up, and watching Baby Einstein. I will post video of her screaming soon!

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Sunday, February 12

Kerstyn sat up! Unassisted.

Oh my goodness!! Kerstyn just sat up by herself. She woke up from her nap, and I went and got her and put her in the living room on the floor (on our new rug :) ) and put her in sitting position - and wahlah - she stayed that way! She stayed there long enough for me to put a pillow behind her, go into the kitchen and get the camera, get the camera ready to take the picture, and sit down and play with her - so maybe a couple of minutes. I just can't believe it!! Just days ago she couldn't do this. WOW!! I'm such a proud happy momma!! WOW! She didn't fall back - just to the side. Oh, and this is her new cute outfit granddaddy and gramma Fischer got her for Christmas.

Kerstyn can sit in her high chair

This is Kerstyn's first time in her high chair! She was very excited to eat sweet peas again, and even cried for more when she thought I was done. I guess she just didn't like the apples we tried last time??? She was so cute, and wanted to play with the bowl when she was finished. She is still only getting about a tablespoon of food each night, and will try pears tonight. I guess we will just try apples again later.

Party time!

Kerstyn had a great time at Karleigh's birthday party! She was such a good girl, and got lots and lots of lovins. Her aunt Katie held her pretty much the whole time. Karleigh loves Kerstyn, and was playing pick a boo with her and kissing her. It was so nice to see all of Katie's family! Kerstyn had a ball, and even took a short nap. Next year at this time she will want to run around the place like all the other kids! Watch out Planet Pizza!!!

Wednesday, February 8

Momma's girl!

Kerstyn is my little angel! She did so good at church tonight - even after fighting an afternoon nap. At one point I had to take her into the hall, and on the way out REAL LOUD - she did her new scream. I couldn't stop laughing in the hall. She is too funny! We did end up having to leave early, but we think she has always done so well on Wednesday nights!

Tuesday, February 7

Don't it make my brown eyes blue!

My baby girl is growing up! On Monday she will be 7 months old. WOW - how time has flown.

We are just now getting into a pretty good sleep routine - day and night. Good to me anyway - may not be to others, but that doesn't matter!

Kerstyn is still nursing like a champ, and isn't interested in solids at all anymore. She hadn't tried too many or too much anyway, but she could care less now. So, were holding off for another few weeks to start reintroducing them to her. She's probably about 14 lbs and 27 inches long. I'm glad she's petite - because then it still feels like she's a new baby. Which she is - but you know what I mean.

I haven't had a day where I've felt like I was gonna loose it for a while now. At least not like I was. I guess once I quit fighting her on her sleep habits during the day everything got easier. She is teething, but there is no sign of a tooth coming through anytime soon. I was looking in my baby book earlier, and I got my 1st tooth at 5 mos. I was also sitting up unassisted at 6 mos.

She is such a precious girl, and is happy all the time - unless she's fighting a nap! She loves being carried in her baby carrier, and it has seemed to help her sleep at night better. She has started screaming a little - just to hear herself I think. So, we've started having screaming matches during the day while at home. She is changing everyday, and just so much fun!!! I love being a mommy to my Kerstyn!

I wanna sit up!

Isn't that 3rd picture hilarious! It looks like she's straining, but really she's smiling. The vein in her head is even popping out!

Well, I guess it will be anytime now that Kerstyn will be sitting up by herself. When I put her in a sit down position, most of the time she straightens her legs and then does what she's doing in these pics. It will take her a while before she can sit up from this position, but that's not going to stop her from trying!

Sunday, February 5

"Sweet Thing"

GG Block got this outfit for Kerstyn while we were in Florida. Jason kept saying "there's no way that's going to fit my baby girl!" - well he was wrong, and it fits great. I think he just doesn't want to admit that she's growing up! I'm not sure if you can read it, but the back of the jacket says sweet thing. She is my little sweet thing!!!

Visit with the Wilsons

Mary and the kids came over for a little bit on Saturday and saw Kerstyn and the house. The kids had never seen Kerstyn before this, and they didn't want to leave when it was time to go. Kerstyn was fighting a nap all morning - so she was a little crabby.

After they left she took a 2 hr nap :0! It was a nice break, and she woke up refreshed and in a great mood. She had a good time seeing the girls, and Alex carried her all over the house. Abby and Alyssa played in her room with the babies putting them to sleep - in all kinds of places. They are sweet, sweet girls! They've all grown up right before my eyes.

Saturday, February 4

Forget the apples...I'll take the bib!

I found this new bib in Kerstyn's closet and thought it would be a good way to keep her clean. Well, she is tag obsessed - and just kept trying to eat the tag and the bib. If there is a tag on anything...Washcloths, clothes, towels, toys - whatever - it's going in the mouth.

She is usually very excited to get her food in the evening, and last night it was her 1st time to have apples. (Daddy said that's what he thought she wanted) I guess the new bib through her for a loop, and she just wanted to mess with it. She did eat, but not like usual. So, to say the least we will not be using this bib again for eating time for a little bit longer.

Thursday, February 2

I can splash in the water

Kerstyn really figured out how to splash in the water tonight at bath time. I put my hand in the water and started splashing and then she realized - hey I can do that too! She was so intense about making it happen. Her eyebrows wrinkled, and she was deep in thought about what she was doing. It was pretty funny! You can see her face was all wet from the splashing getting bigger and bigger. She had a ball, and learned something new.