Wednesday, January 25

Teething spoons

I couldn't pick out just a couple of these pics - so all of them are here. Kerstyn had all kinds of toys in front of her to play with, but wasn't happy until I pulled out the wooden spoons. No worries - they're pampered chef and the bamboo doesn't split! She had a fun time, and it allowed me to eat some breakfast.

We are all packed up and ready to go to Florida tomorrow morning! I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep last night. Of course this would happen on a night when Kerstyn decides to only wake up 1 time! I've been getting in some naps today while she napped, and she's been taking really good ones too :). We are excited about going to see our family in Florida! It's almost here!

**Check out Kerstyn's hairs that are very visible through the sunlight. hehe - Isn't she a cutie!

Monday, January 23

Turnaround tootsie

I caught Kerstyn looking back watching her Baby Einstein movie because she had turned herself around in her excersaucer. It made me laugh, and I had to sneak to get the camera - and take the picture. If she sees me she tends to get upset sometimes. So, that's the reason for the first 2 pictures not being so close, and being kind of dark - I was hiding in the hallway by her bedroom. Then, I snuck behind the couch and got the one of her sucking her thumb. She is mesmerized by these videos, and they're kinda strange - to me. Whoever made them knows what they're doing because it's one of the few things that will keep her entertained without my assistance for about an hour - plus educational - who can loose? Yeah for Baby Einstein!!

Sunday, January 22

Visit with my family

Aunt Candice, gramma & grandaddy Fischer came to see Kerstyn yesterday. Gramma got her a Valentine's goody bag, and just couldn't wait to give it to her. She got the cute pink puppy in the pic, a shirt, plates and a book to play with in the bath tub. As you can see she is very interested in getting into the bag, and seeing what else is inside of it. Gramma and Aunt Candice played hard with Kerstyn all day. They hugged and loved her bunches. We all went to Cici's pizza for lunch, and Kerstyn was so good! She showed off her new language - blowing her spit and babbling. She had a great day with our family.

Who's that girl?

Kerstyn has started having more floor time everyday for about the past week. I put a few toys out and let her reach and scoot to grab them. After a little work she got her turtle - which is a way cool toy! I looked down and she was checkin out whoever that girl was on the other side in the mirror. It was sooo cute, and I caught it here in a picture.

Friday, January 20

Story time

Boy - this little girl fought sleep the worst ever today - - so far the sleep lost, big time!!! (just a vent for me:o) )

I try to have a little story time with Kerstyn everyday. She doesn't usually make it through a whole book in one sitting, and we end up finishing it the next day. Today was the story of Bambi - well the 1st part. She enjoyed chewing on the book more than reading it. Her daddy is excited to show her what the real bambi is like one day :).

Wednesday, January 18

We love our new carrier!

Now I know why these carriers have such a good name - they rock! It is so comfortable on my back, and Kerstyn is comfy too. We are trying to get as much practice as possible before we go to Florida to see gramma Block & GG. Tomorrow we are going to the mall to walk around in it.

Tuesday, January 17

I like sweet potatoes

Kerstyn is my little sweet potatoe! Oh, how I love her!! Tonight she got a little bit of sweet potatoes, and I wonder if any got in her mouth. With every bite she has to put her hand in her mouth. It's so funny.

We got our new baby bjorn carrier today, and so far so good. It is so comfortable, and will come in handy all the time. Kerstyn loves facing forward and seeing the world. So far we have only worn it once, and that was to play frisbee with Ashlee outside. I can't belive how fast our little angle is growing up! She just woke up, and I went in to nurse her back to sleep. While she was eating I just stroked her head and face. She is just so precious! I treasure our every moment together! We are so blessed!!!

Our babies sleeping

So - I can get Kerstyn to sleep in her swing! I figure sleep is sleep. The books say this is a 'no no', and those authors can just come to my house and put my baby to sleep everyday!

I will take sleep in a car, I will take sleep in a swing, I will take sleep anywhere, I will take it Dena I am....haha - I'm a dork!

Oh, and Ashlee will sleep anywhere! ;-)

Hangin with daddy & playin with sippy cup

Kerstyn always has a great time while playing with her daddy. She played with her paci and liked putting it in her mouth, taking it out and moving it from hand to hand. She is beginning to grab with her pointer finger and grasp better onto objects. Everything is an adventure! She loves sitting in her bumbo seat and playing with her sippy cups.

Monday, January 16

mmmmmm cereal!

I had myself some organic rice cereal mixed with mommy milk, and I liked it!! I can't wait to be able to hold my spoon myself and eat. I'm growing up fast!

Visit with granpa & gramma

I went for the afternoon to granpa Tate's house and got lovins from him and gramma Cheryl. Then I went with mom to a Pampered Chef party and got more lovins from everyone there too. I had a great day, and I was so good!

Saturday, January 14

Bath time

Kerstyn loves her bath time! Tonight we put her in this seat because she loves to sit up in the tub. She's still small around and I had to put her sponge tub thing behind her for support. She is starting to notice Ashlee more, and wants to touch her all the time. Ashlee has noticed Kerstyn since the day she came home, and she loves her even though she probably wouldn't admit it. They will be playing together before we know it. Kerstyn is growing up so fast!

Wednesday, January 11

Girls just wanna have fun

Kerstyn loves her new excersaucer that she got for Christmas. She's still kind of small for it (around), and requires a blanket to be put in front of her for support. She likes moving all around it and especially chewing on the blue elephant that is behind her head. She enjoys sitting in it and watching her Baby Einstein videos.

Tuesday, January 10

Sleeping beauty

This is our beauty getting herself some beauty rest! Although she still doesn't sleep great during the day - the night has gotten much better!! After only 3 nights of 'sleep training' - she is doing wonderfully. I do miss snuggling with her in bed, but I don't miss getting up 5-8 times a night :). The most night waking has been 2, and I can deal with that. I think she's just afraid of missing something during the day, and fights to go to sleep. I don't stress about it much anymore, and figure why fight her on it. When she is tired she will sleep, and as you can see she is - if only for a short while (maybe an hr.). I'll take what I can get. She loves her raggy.

Practicing for solids

Kerstyn has been eating milk slushies for about 3 weeks getting prepared to start solids. I wanted to introduce her to the spoon, and see how she reacted. As you can see she loves it! I think the iced milk feels good on her little gums. She is definitely curious, and likes to hold her spoon herself. It was messy, but so fun. She is our little beauty!

Oh sunny day

Kerstyn and I were getting ready to go on a walk with Ashlee (our dog). It was pretty sunny, and I had on my sunglass - so why couldn't she? Jason thought she looked adorable (she does :)), and had to take a picture. This was one of my many attempts at finding a way for her to sleep better during the day. It didn't work so well, but she enjoyed our walk. We love our new house, and this picture was taken in the entry way. Ashlee loves going outside and checking everything out - as long as someone is out there with her. This was one of the last days I wore my sling. I just can't figure out how to use it since Kerstyn has gotten bigger and her legs need to be out now for the growth of her hips. We have ordered a baby bjorn carrier, and I can't wait to get it in.