Tuesday, December 25

Christmas morning!

wow - she got a lot!!!

Christmas morning!

Christmas morning!

Ashlee stole Sock's balls, and had them all in her mouth! We got Kerstyn's kitchen set up in her room, and she got all dolled up and made some donuts :)

Christmas at gramma and p-pop Fischer's house

Kerstyn enjoyed coloring in her new huge books from aunt Candice, Uncle Aaron and Cali! We had a great day!

Christmas at gramma and p-pop Fischer's house

Kerstyn and Cali had so much fun! Kerstyn had a burst of energy in the afternoon, and was the happiest little girl we'd ever seen! She kept jumpin around and laughing - it was great! She enjoyed a horsey ride from her p-pop too, and cried for him as we drove up in our drive way at home. She had a great Christmas!!!!

Kerstyn's new kitty!

She got her for Christmas on Saturday, and she LOVES her! She has named her socks because she has cream colored socks on her feet :). So far so good - she is a sweet cat, and allows Kerstyn to hold her tight, and drag her around :).

Christmas at great gramma Tate's house

We had a great day Sunday at gramma Tate's. The kids opened their presents from eachother, and we got to hang out for a while. Jason and Robert rode Kerstyn around to fall asleep for her nap that she so desperately needed! We had a great time seeing everyone!

Kerstyn's first time at Chuky Cheese

we went to a birthday party Friday night, and it was there. She had fun after getting warmed up. She made it til 10 pm too. She had fun!

our girls :)

aren't they sweet :)

Monday, December 3

we started a tradition...

of Kerstyn picking out an ornament at Hallmark every year. She had a great time looking through all of them, and once she found the one she wanted - she stuck with it! She choose Pooh, Tigger, Eyore, and Piglet on a sled. :)