Friday, June 23

Kerstyn's first creamed spinach....mmmmm

I've been giving Kerstyn some jarred food that has milk in it to test and see how she does. This day I gave her too much, and she woke up a couple of hours after she went to bed. I really don't know if the 2 went hand in hand or not, but I haven't given her that much again. She had a whole jar of mac n' cheese, and some of this creamed spinach combined between lunch and dinner. So, now I've just given her a little bit at lunch to see what it does. So far so good - thank God! I've been stressing about this whole turning a year old thing, and changing over from formula to milk - and starting to wean from the bottle. This is something I wouldn't have to worry about so much if I were still nursing her. I've tried putting some formula in a sippy for her, but she won't have anything to do with it. I'm thinkin that she will take it better when it has milk in it. We are going to try yougurt on her birthday, and go from there with the milk products to see how she does.

Oh, on Friday 6/16 Kerstyn waved bye bye to the bagger at Kroger. I've never been so excited!!! She was doing it on que, but now she's like okay mom I know how to do it - I'll do it when I'm tellin someone bye bye - but not just because you want to see it. :)

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