Sunday, April 30

Uncle Robert's homecoming!

Robert came home from Iraq for 2 weeks of R & R on Thursday. Kerstyn was dressed the part for his homecoming! Her outfit it a 9 month outfit, and she is 9 months - the 1st time she has actually fit into her age/size. She had a great time, and of course didn't take a nap until on the way home - which made it take longer for her to fall asleep at bedtime. We will get to see Robert again the Friday night before he leaves to go back to Iraq. We were so happy to see him home safe!

Saturday, April 29

cutie patootie!

Kerstyn has started pointing at everything. It is too funny! She is mumbling all the time now, and sighs a lot too - must be the female in her. She is all about eating finger snacks all the time too, and Ashlee is getting all the left overs. I came out of Kerstyn's room from getting her ready for bed and laying her down, and all the Cheerios that were on the floor were gone. I asked Jason if he had picked them up, and he asked "what Cheerios"......

**wierd setup I know for her toy box, but it keeps her away from her obsession with plugs - and she can still play with the cord :)**

cutie patootie

Wednesday, April 26

daily doings

A mammas gotta do what a mammas gotta do to get ready! Kerstyn is all over the place - getting into everything - climbing on everything - not wanting to take naps during the day because she wants to do all of the above! So, after I layed her down for a nap, took a potty break, was going to check the weather to see what to wear - she had already woke up. So, I had to do something with her to barricade her in, and get ready at the same time - this worked! Then I decided we needed to go for a walk because she was so crabby, but didn't want to sleep. After getting her all covered up and winterized we went for a walk, and she got tired and came home for a short little nap :).

Oh, and the close up shot is showing off Kerstyn's 1st time to use hair gel. :) It kept the fuzzis under control.

bouncy horse

So, I was supposed to put this up until Kerstyn's birthday - but yeah right! It did stay in the garage for a while. I got it 2nd hand off of craigslist for a steal! Jason said he knew better, and she doesn't know the difference anyway. She loves getting on it and bouncing. She even will shake up and down when you stop bouncing her. She is just too sweet!!!

playin hard!

Kerstyn is playin hard all the time! She absolutely LOVES her books. I'm so glad I found us a playgroup at the library. I hope she enjoys to read - unlike us - and she should as long as I continue to read to her and encourage her to play with her books.

playin hard!

Kerstyn could barely stop playin to even eat, and so we comprised! The only time she really takes a bottle well is in the car, stroller or at nap or bed times. She's too busy going, going, going! I hope she keeps that up so she won't be overweight.

Yes, that is Kerstyn in a light jacket with a blanket! Texas weather - ya just never know. :)

Tuesday, April 25

laughing, talking, screaming bath time!

I've been trying to upload this video since I took it a little over a week ago. Finally it has worked. :)

This is Kerstyn's new babysitter, Ashley, making funny faces at Kerstyn and she got sooooo excited. This was the 1st time I'd seen Kerstyn laugh, scream, play and talk so much. Ashley lives down the street, and she will be staying at the house while Kerstyn sleeps so I can go to church. She hasn't actually babysat yet, but I will deffinately be utilizing her! Finally, Jason and I will be able to go a date sometime!!! I'm excited about her being available, and Kerstyn already really liking her. Also, it should be easy for Kerstyn to learn her name considering she hears it a lot! LOL :)

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Aunt Katie and David are...

having a baby!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! :)

We got to be there when they told the kids, and wow they were shocked. It was really, really neat! Jacob looked at Katie's face then her tummy then her face and said "mom, it's been a really long time since you've had a baby". It was too cute! Then he started analyzing everything and said "I'll be 13 when 'she' starts talking", and Cody kept saying everyone is our church is having a baby. It was really sweet, and I'm so happy for Katie and David!

fun, fun, fun

Kerstyn had a great time playing with Aunt Katie, Karleigh, David, Jacob, Cody and granny Becky! Karleigh kept her pretty occupied with her non-stop energy! She made me tired just watching her, but she was like the energizer bunny - just kept going and going and going! I better be ready for Kerstyn to be a little ball of energy like that.

Kerstyn is changing so much. She is really getting food into her mouth now by herself - rather than just play with it. She is crawling all over the place, and pulls up on everything and walks along things that she can hold onto. I'm in for some trouble when this little one gets to moving!!! :o)

Friday, April 21

Eating cheerios for the 1st time

I've been putting some finger foods down for Kerstyn to play with while I've been feeding her in the morning and at dinner. She really wants to hold the spoon and feed herself, but ends up getting nothing in her mouth. She is more than ready to be feeding herself some finger foods, and so I've been trying to encourage her by putting some stuff down for her at meals. She was having a time talking to the cheerios! She was spitting and babbling a lot. In the past few days she's been saying bababababa, dadadadada, and she still says mamamama when she is fussing/crying - go figure! :) I guess she is figuring out what she is saying??? Anyway, she is seeming to like the baba, dada babbling more - and screams - oh yeah - all the time! She is too funny :)

Wednesday, April 19

Hello gramma Block

I was just getting ready to feed Kerstyn, and my mom called. So, I told Kerstyn that gramma Block was on the phone, and she wanted it. So, my mom carried on a conversation with her while Kerstyn pushed a bunch of numbers, dropped it and just kept looking at it wondering where that voice was coming from. It was so cute, and I got a quick picture (of course :) ).