Monday, January 21

lovin on the kitty

we are keeping Dylan today, and he is lovin watching the kitty. Kerstyn slept in this morning because she had a rough night and didn't sleep much. When she woke up this morning she wanted the kitty in her bed. They snuggled and cuddled - it was so cute! Dylan was looking through the bars of the bed laughing at them.

I believe we are on our way to potty learning...for real this time! Kerstyn has gone potty in the toilet every time since yesterday afternoon...yeah! She didn't even go in the night, and went in the potty this morning. She grins from ear to ear with a great sense of achievement when we tell her good job, and that she is a big girl. Hopefully all will go well tomorrow when she is back at school.

Kerstyn and gramma Block, and one with mommy

playing with gramma Block

Kerstyn had a great time playing all week with her gramma. It was nice to be able to get things done while they played. She is already missing her gramma, but did get to talk to her today. We love you gramma!!

Kerstyn's 2nd haircut :)

Daddy, Gramma Block and I were there, and she did so good! She was excited about her gum, and treat she got after it was over. Gramma Block got to take some of her hair home with her, and that made her happy.