Thursday, March 30

she pulled up on her toy box!

Kerstyn crawled over to her toy box - and pulled up on it - and started looking around at all the toys and moving them around! I was in shock. I just can't believe how fast she is growing!! WOW, she has just been crawling for 3 days, but she's got it down pretty good. While at the doctor today he said she could be walking by the time she is 10 months old. He said she is deffinately hitting her milestones, and developing great! I booked my mom's airplane ticket tonight for the week of Kerstyn's 1st birthday! I'm so excited for her to be here with us at her birthday. So, family and friends make no plans for the 15th of July - cuz you'll be at Kerstyn's First Birthday Party!!!! :)

Kerstyn feeding herself

We went to the doctor today, and Kerstyn has only gained 2.5 ounces since the beginning of January. I told her doctor (who I LOVE!) that we've been giving her a bottle of formula in the evening because it is helping her sleep better. He said he would really like to see us up the bottles she is getting to equal 4 a day. He wants her to gain 3 ounces by 4-18 for her 9 month well visit. I have been praying about weaning her anyway, and so this is just another sign that it's okay to start that. He said I didn't have to wean her completely if I didn't want to, and that I could still nurse her as often as I wanted. I think though that I'm ready to have my body to myself again. It will take about a month anyway to be completely done, and so by then I'll know what we should do. She does love the bottle, and she loves to feed herself.

Why mommy's hands free doesn't work anymore :)

Kerstyn loves chewing on EVERYTHING! So, last week while I was talking on the phone with my hands free ear piece she was chewing on it. I guess it did something to it because it won't work anymore. She is such a cutie! We were sitting in the car waiting on daddy, and I had to find something to entertain her while we were waiting. She is obsessed with tags, strings and anything that she shouldn't really have :)! Of course that being this included. LOL

Wednesday, March 29

Pulling up!

As you can see Kerstyn is pulling up on everything! She loves to stand up now, and is officially crawling!!! She doesn't go too far, but she has got it down now. She has also started sticking her lip out, folding it up, and then sucking it. Strange I know, but what would you expect from *my* kid. :) It does look so funny, and I caught it in a picture. She is such a little toot! My cutie tootie!

the cutest bunny ever!

On my breastfeeding website there was mom that got some bunny ears for her baby, and put her in a basket - it was soooo cute, and so I had to go get some ears too. Jason said they really freaked him out because of the eyeballs on them - so I took those off. I did finally find a basket big enough for her to fit in and we are going to go take some pictures today on our walk. (We have to go down the street to a house that has grass) So, although we will never do the Easter bunny thing, I just had to take an opportunity to capture the cutest bunny ever in some pictures!!! She is just so much fun, and so cute! I know I'm her mother, and of course I think she's the cutest - but she is!! lol - - I will post those pictures as soon as I get them done. :) So, she is growing up so fast! Last night I put her to bed, and about 40 mins later I hear her frantically screaming - different that a fussy cry. So, I ran in there, and she is standing up holding onto her crib, and she's stuck! Oh my gosh!!! I just couldn't believe it! So, then I got her, and rocked her, but she just wanted me to put her down. So, then about 10 mins later - it was a repeat! I had to put the bar up that folds down in the front of her crib. WOW! So, I ran outside and told Jason that he was going to have to lower the mattress this morning. He said well I guess she's gonna skip crawling altogether! Now, her mattress is soooo low! It's so strange, and kinda hard to lay a sleeping baby all the way down there without waking her up!!! Oh well we will manage. She is getting so big!

Tuesday, March 28

some bunny loves you!

I couldn't get this to ever work yesterday, so I'm just not going to be able to add the other pictures I had taken.
Jason said the eyeballs on Kerstyn's bunny ears were really freaky - so I took them off. I would have to agree they do look pretty strange. hehe

bipolar baby

I read somewhere that all babies are bipolar, and as you can see it's true! Although the pictures won't post in the order that they were taken - I think you can get the idea. She is a happy little girl, but shhessh she can turn on ya in a second flat! She's still such a cutie even when she's upset!! :)

Kerstyn playin with her daddy & Ashlee

Kerstyn was playing with her daddy, and Ashlee always has to go over and get daddy's attention too! Ashlee is getting more used to Kerstyn, but still isn't sure about her. Check out the picture of Ashlee's tounge licking her nose - too funny!

Monday, March 27

Garden of Kerstyn :)

I took pictures of Kerstyn yesterday, and these are some we did right before bath time. She's such a little cutie!!! So, the flowers were a bad thing mixed with her sensitive skin! She has a rash on her tummy, and all I can think of is that she played with these flowers last night. Now I know!

Friday, March 24

More pictures of the most precious baby!!! :)

Kerstyn and I got out a little today after being in the house sick all week. I think both of us were gettin cabin fever - big time! We went to the grocery store, and then filled up all my water jugs, and then went to Sears to see about getting some contacts. Ashlee was getting cabin fever too, and so she had to go :). It was nice to get out, and while at Sears, Kerstyn and I played in the mirrors. She was soooo happy, and everyone kept saying how pretty she is. Then she came home, and passed out! I couldn't ask for a better afternoon!!!!!!!!!!! :)

**Mom** which picture do you think looks just like me when I was a baby? There is one that is really, really close! :)

More pictures :)