Sunday, September 30

gitty up!

fun, fun, fun!! Kerstyn and Ashlee are the best of friends!

sitting, eating grapes, watching daddy and p-pop

she loves to say cheese, and that's what she was doing in the first picture ;-). It's been beautiful in the morning and early afternoon here. I've been sitting outside reading while Kerstyn plays. We love to be outside when it's like this!!

blowing bubbles...and then some steam!

Kerstyn's been doing a good job of having fits these days! I think she tries to do something so hard, and if it doesn't turn out her way - she screams and then gets super angry. I guess some people don't ever grow outta that - lol! Anyway, she got past it quickly, and turned back into her sweet adorable self.

Kerstyn and her p-pop

She has been loving seeing her p-pop the past couple of days - she even cried for him today at nap time. He came up to go hunting, but got to spend time w/us and work on radio stuff instead. We have enjoyed our time with him!!

Saturday, September 29

What a sweet sleeping baby girl!!!

Daddy and p-pop were workin on radio stuff, but all Kerstyn wanted to do was ride the tractor! She wants to ride it and the 4-wheeler all the time!!

Thursday, September 6

goin swimmin

Kerstyn and Ashlee have become pretty close! Kerstyn is always calling Ashlee to play, pick up her scraps that accidentally fall, or in this case get a drink. We told Ashlee they'd be bestfriends one day...



Yes those are big girl panties!!!! Kerstyn wore them all afternoon yesterday without any accidents. She gets an M&M for everytime she goes potty in the big girl potty. Since she's only had these once before in her life - they are a special treat! Altough, today she didn't go at all and had an accident - which upset her :(. She'll get it when she's ready.

yummy watermelon!

sorry for the blurry pics!

water park fun!!

I couldn't believe that she actually went to sleep! I got proof - she was so tired.

water fun, and time w/p-pop

We got this pool for Kerstyn's birthday, but just recently opened it up. She loved it!! P-pop came over to go hunting w/daddy on the 1st - opening day. While he choose the name gdiddy - Kerstyn chose p-pop. I think it's cute!! She kept taking toys and things to him and putting them on him while he passed out - from waking up way too early to go hunting. She had a great time seeing him! We went to the water park this weekend to use our rain check ticket, and Kerstyn had a blast! She enjoyed it much more than she would have a month ago.