Tuesday, June 6

my good little eater!

Kerstyn had broccoli for the first time tonight, and enjoyed it pretty well. Whenever it's something new she'll always hold it in her hand twist her wrist back and forth while holding whatever it is in her hand - just another of her investigating qualities! She is eating finger foods really well now, and has decided she does like getting food on the spoon from me now. She's still not eating a whole jar of food (and I really don't think she ever will) since she is eating so many finger foods with each meal too.

She has started clapping her hands really well now too. I always go yeeeaaahhh and she knows that it's time to clap. :) She also is repeating things I do - like fake coughing. Her aunt Katie did it with her a lot today too, and she just followed along. It's pretty darn cute!!! She's just so stinkin much fun!!! I never knew being a mommy would be all it is - it's the best thing I've ever done in my whole life!!!

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