Thursday, February 21

reading with daddy

before bed tonight. She loves her daddy!

head shots...

kinda. Mom - doesn't the last one (although blurry) look like me when I was little!

she loves her robe

It took alot to try and get a picture of everyone staying still. But we managed kinda...

Valentine's Day

Kerstyn got this adorable dress and tights from her Aunt Tonya, Uncle Robert and cousin Aden. Her daddy got her this rose, and a Winnie the Pooh card.

fun with daddy

Since I've stated back to work - Jason has been getting Kerstyn ready in the morning for school. Well, because of that he is the favorite!! All I ever here is "where's my daddy" - "I want my daddy" - "where's my daddy". Everyone always told Jason there would be a day when he would be her favorite and momma would be on the back bunner - well that day has arrived :)

birthday party fun!

We went to Lexi's birthday party and she had a big bounce house there. The bounce house had a slide attached, and it was super fun!! Kerstyn was frustrated trying to get up the ladder, but did finally get it. She got stuck many times, and I think it was all a ploy to get me to go down the slide with her - :). Anyway, she had a blast. When more kids arrived she didn't like getting inside so much.

she's potty trained!!!!

I haven't posted in a long time. Kerstyn has been completed potty trained since January 27th. She did it all by herself, and I had to do nothing! WOW!!! We went to pick her up from her class in church on Saturday night the 19th, and her teacher said "Kerstyn told me she had to go potty, but I was in here by myself and she went in her diaper, and told me when she was ready for me to change her." I said "WHAT?!!" So, the next day I put a pull up on her. In her first week she had one accident which was #2, and then a few days later she started going, and said "I gotto go poop momma!". She's woke up only twice with a wet pull up, and this is her 3rd week in panties during the day. She did have an accident the first week of February at school while they were playing outside - who wants to stop playing outside to go potty??? She is growing up so fast, and her words are getting noticably clearer this week. She changes every week, and we are so proud of her. She is such a blessing to us!!!!

layin w/Ashlee, and sleepin

Can you tell what Kerstyn likes from the animals in her bed? I wonder...