Friday, July 27

our Sunday with gramma

While gramma Block was visiting us she took us out to eat several times. We were waiting for our table at Red Lobster, and Jason took Kerstyn over to see the lobsters. After dinner we went to see the spillway that was running over at the damn. This is a huge event in the Texoma area! This was when our rain started to go away, and while we were grateful for the rain - we're so so grateful for the sunshine!!!!!!! Thank you God for the rainbow ;)!!!!!


we didn't get to use the swimming pools at the birthday party because it was rainy. The next day was beautiful, and daddy got it all set up for Kerstyn. She loves it, and asks almost everyday to go swimmin...I anna go swimmin! She is just too cute :)

The big day - Kerstyn's birthday party!!!

Kerstyn had a great day at her party!!! We were so excited that Gramma Block was able to come visit us from Florida for a long weekend! Alot of people or thier children ended up being sick for the party, and it was really nice to not be so crowded. Kerstyn enjoyed herself, and that's all that matters!! We had tons of beans and cake, but managed to put a pretty good dent in them both. It was a nice time, and she got tons of toys. Granny Becky made balloon figures, and Kerstyn thought that was too cool!! Ashlee was so excited she joined in on the fun, and got a balloon of her own. Kerstyn is so smart that she was naming colors that were being turned into little animals, or swords or hats. It was a great day!!

the big day!!! Kerstyn's birthday party

the big day!!!! Kerstyn's birthday party

the big day!!!!! Kerstyn's birthday party

The big day!!!! Kerstyn's birthday party :)

Thursday, July 5

our short lived rainy day at the water park

but we got a rain check to get in another day - it was so worth the wait too!!! It was just too rainy and cold for the little one's to play, but Kerstyn enjoyed the time she did have :)

goin to church

allthough her skirt is adorable - it's not too functional for a 2 year old! I ended up taking it off of her so she could play, and climb things. She did say preeettyyy :)

happy 4th of July!!

Kerstyn was pretty scared of the sparklers, but still wanted more, more, more!! She had fun :).

Monday, July 2

finally some progress...

I really wanted to have somethin I made for Kerstyn for her to wear on the 4th! Something finally came together to work out great!! The diaper fits her perfect, and the skirt used to be a pair of jeans. I even made a hair thingie for her, but we will see if she allows that. I'm planning to make myself a matching skirt too - so hopefully I'll get there =)

lookin at the bunnies

we drove up to the driveway to 2 bunnies sittin in the yard. Jason took Kerstyn for a closer look, and she liked that!! :)

some outfits I made...

for Kerstyn that do not work!! The dress makes her look like a barrell, and well you can see what's wrong w/the! I just threw the shirt together (or what little of one that's there anyway), and it seems to be the only thing that turned out okay. I did make her a diaper, and it's drying right now - so we will see how it fits later :).