Wednesday, June 28

she's soooo cute!

Kerstyn loves feeding Ashlee, and Ashlee loves being fed!!! :) We were getting ready to go on our walk, and Kerstyn looked too cute, and I just had to get the camera out.

Kerstyn is lovin her new kitty! He's getting used to her. She's tryin to escape, and I'm not sure if they even make a baby gate that is long enough to reach this area! Today I put the pack n' play and another toy there to block her from getting through. She wants to go after my fake grapes and papers that are in there, and that's the only place she can't go to play. She's learning real discipline now, and not really likin it - - - we now know that saying "This hurts me more than it does you!" But, it's for her own good!

Sunday, June 25

Friday, June 23

She's a monkey

These are fuzzy, but I think you get the picture! She's climbing all over anything that will support her. Jason and I turned around the other day and she was half way up the outside of her pack n' play - scaleing it with her feet and everything. Scared us big time - then we cracked up!

Yeah - I got her to sleep this afternoon. I'm thinking that she's going through another "developmental change" - that's the fancy words the doctor's use for it anyway. Basically, they're doing so many new things that they don't want to sleep. So, I put her down and about 30 mins later - after I ate lunch (just in case she wouldn't lay back down) I went in with a bottle. She drank it all, and then only rolled around for about 10-15 mins and finally passed out. She hasn't been wanting to take a bottle when I layed her down originally - I guess because she had just had one with her lunch - I dunno - but it worked today - well see about tomorrow.

She wants to eat the pretty flower

I must'v picked a gillion petals out of her fingers before they entered the mouth. She's been eyeballing them since they were in the car. There is a tree farm right by the house, and they're going out of business. They're selling things unbelievably cheap! So, I got some flowers finally - for a buck! These would go for about $6-8 at the store - so I was excited. She is really getting into everything these days, and always seeing what new things she can do. It's fun, but exhasting at times for me :).

I'm so thankful were able to spend our days together!!!!!

straight up

Jason was playing with the camera, and caught these shots. Although it's a little fuzzy you can see Kerstyn's hair, and how it sticks straight up. She's such a little character!

Kerstyn has decided that she doesn't want to take an afternoon nap anymore - which is the one she really needs the most. So, I've been laying her down - but there are no results. That was the nap that I got to have some me time too - oh well just part of it. So, yesterday was the 4th day - and I'm going to try and put her down around 12 to see if that works better. She's wanting to go to bed at 6, and that means I have to get up at 6 - YUCK! 6:30 is bad enough, but 6 is pushing it! Hopefully it works well - we will see after the next few days. So, because of her napping issues we've stopped swim lessons, and will continue in August. I really think this will be so much better too! She will be 13 months, and be a little stronger too.

Ashlee's such a good girl - she gets a little annoyed by our new very affectionate cat! He wants to constantly lay all over her - it's too cute.

Kerstyn's first creamed spinach....mmmmm

I've been giving Kerstyn some jarred food that has milk in it to test and see how she does. This day I gave her too much, and she woke up a couple of hours after she went to bed. I really don't know if the 2 went hand in hand or not, but I haven't given her that much again. She had a whole jar of mac n' cheese, and some of this creamed spinach combined between lunch and dinner. So, now I've just given her a little bit at lunch to see what it does. So far so good - thank God! I've been stressing about this whole turning a year old thing, and changing over from formula to milk - and starting to wean from the bottle. This is something I wouldn't have to worry about so much if I were still nursing her. I've tried putting some formula in a sippy for her, but she won't have anything to do with it. I'm thinkin that she will take it better when it has milk in it. We are going to try yougurt on her birthday, and go from there with the milk products to see how she does.

Oh, on Friday 6/16 Kerstyn waved bye bye to the bagger at Kroger. I've never been so excited!!! She was doing it on que, but now she's like okay mom I know how to do it - I'll do it when I'm tellin someone bye bye - but not just because you want to see it. :)

Happy Father's Day daddy!

Jason had a great Father's Day! He played with Kerstyn, and let her be a monkey - which she does very well. We made him a picture that says "I know I'm little, I'm growing fast, but my tiny footprints will forever last" Then we put her footprints underneath it - it turned out really well - and her feet are bigger than we both thought :).

Thursday, June 22

Kerstyn's bath tub, and our new kitty :)

Finally this is working!!!!!!
Kerstyn will no longer stay in her little bath tub seat, and so I had to think of something to do with her. I got this little swimming pool at Walmart, and it fits perfect in the bath tub. She's constantly standing up, and moving all around - so at least the puffed sides and bottom of the bath tub will protect her a little. She had a blast, and was excited to be free in the tub! Grampa Tate and Gramma Cheryl came to see us today, and watched Kerstyn while I did my garage sale. Jason worked on moving dirt all day, and helped me in the morning. They took Kerstyn to Sam's, and said she did really good. They got back just in time for nap time, but yeah right! Gramma tried to do it, but that didn't work - so then I went in and layed her down - and she just yelled and talked and played. So, grampa goes in and gets her out and starts singing to her in the rocking chair. I was like - oh my goodness - now she's never going to sleep! So, I shooed him out, and tried to relax her again. I layed her down, and she just played for another 30 mins - when I just gave up. So, we all went to eat at Golden Corral - where Kerstyn was very loud, and very very messy. She had her first taste of Mac n' cheese, and my dad gave her a taste of some kind of dessert thing - so she had her first taste of real sugary sweets too. She did really well, and went to sleep the fastest I've ever seen her go down for bed :).

Friday, June 16

felling better!!!

My little pumpkin is feeling sooo much better today!!! We went to the doctor yesterday, and found out she has a little bit of an ear infection. I told Jason the whole house has been on antibiotics - but us. The cat, the dog and now Kerstyn. Oh, we got a cat "Mr. Blue" on Friday night - I'll post pictures later hopefully. Anyway, after fighting a fever for 4 days I knew something was wrong because she just wasn't acting like herself. She has been so clingy to me, and constantly pulling at my day I'll miss that!!! I always feel like I'm perinoid - so I tried to wait as long as I could to take her to the doctor. Not to mention we have already gone our 2 times this quarter - so we had to pay full price to go. I was very relieved we went, and Jason was too! She seems to be finally getting her appitite back, and slept sooo much better last night! It was very very nice! Her doctor said she should be pretty much back to normal by tonight, and deffinately by tomorrow. She will start back her swimming lessons on Monday, and we have 2 more weeks left and then we're done for this year.

I've been working with her on saying bye bye - she's doing really good. She has been sooo vocal these past couple of days too - very strange for her. Both teeth are through now, and I'm dreading going through teething again!! No big changes in her otherwise, but she's also been in my arms most of the time the past week.

Sunday, June 11

My poor little girl has had a fever the whole weekend! I called the on-call pediatrician Friday night, and apparently running a fever while teething are an old wive's tale??? Everyone I've talked to says they go hand in hand. That's the only thing we can think of it being, and otherwise she is acting pretty normal. Every once in a while she'll let out a whale of a cry, and last night I was up with her for a couple of hours until her fever came down. Poor little girl - I just hate this!!!

Last night while I was trying to get her to eat something - I was eating a plum, and giving her little pieces. I figured I'd take the skin off of one, and just let her have it. She loved it! She was able to get all the good juices and take little bitty bites with her new tooth - it's in really well after the past couple of days.

Saturday, June 10

she's floating!

Kerstyn has been floating really well. We are starting our 3rd week, and she should finish after 4 weeks of going 5 days a week. She isn't able to go today because of having a little bit of a fever last night and early this morning. I just hate her not being able to tell me what's wrong!!! So, we will play it by ear about going tomorrow too. Now if we can just get her to flip she'll pass her swim test will flying colors. :)

We started a new time this week, and so I gave up on fighting her to put a swim suit on right after waking from a nap. So - now she just goes topless........the only time in her life she ever will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 8

GG Block...

these are for you! My granmother gave this toy to Kerstyn while we were there in February. It is one of her most favorite toys right now. She pushes the red button, and rocks back and forth when the music comes on - it's soooo cute! GG we love and miss you bunches!! Gramma Block we will see you in exactly one month from today!!!! :)

cheerio explosion!

So, the little green bowl with the blue lid on it in the picture is *supposed* to hold finger foods in it for little hands, and not get it everywhere. Well - not if your my little Kerstyn!! She got some out, and then tipped it over and shook it until all the cheerios were on the floor. Then, she put the bowl down - continued playing - and picked up a cheerio and ate it whenever she wanted one. I'm sure this happens all the time with these bowls, and I think they could've done a little better job in the engineering of their functionality!

Anyway - - she took her first step! It was actually around the time I took these pictures. She was walking along the couch as she always does, and let go - took one little baby step - and then fell forward on her hands. I was impressed that her legs still stayed straight, and she didn't fall on her backside like usual. So, I'm thinking that she could be walking by her birthday - or at least taking better steps by then. She is starting to let go more and more and just stand in mid air for a few seconds at a time.