Monday, October 23

a bunch of 1st's...

Of course these aren't in order. Kerstyn was playing on her slide, and you know she likes to climb and what not. Well, she thought she could go down the slide standing up - then fell. So, she bumped her head, and scraped her nose on the wall. She still wants to go down the slide standing up...

Then, she layed down with me and we watched some of Monters Inc. - she's liking to cuddle for longer periods of time.

Then, later that evening before bed we did some coloring. Well, these markers are supposed to be washable - they're gonna just have to wait till a little later :). We did get a finished product tho, and it's hanging on the fridge to be shown off.

Sunday, October 22

climing some more

Okay, so she's climing all over everything!!! Her hair is getting long in the back, and looks very mulletish in some of these pics because of her turtle neck. Seriously, if it gets too much longer we are gonna have to trim it. I just can't have my little girl with a mullet...hehe :).

Sunday, October 15

I got proof...

of Kerstyn walking :) I was talking on the phone to gramma Cheryl while I got this video - not to - - the batteries went dead right when she was doin it again too :(. I'll get more shots through the week.

Saturday, October 14

Kerstyn goin shoppin in the pantry

I actually saw Kerstyn take steps tonight!! Jason has told me before that he's caught her walking from one place to another, but I've only seen her take one step here and there. Well, she took like 4 big steps in a row tonight - I was freaking out!!! She walked along the wall by our bedroom door in the living room, and then let go, and walked into our room to get her walker toy. Jason was sitting on the floor in her room putting in a shorter door stopper, and I was sitting at the edge of the couch by the back door. So, we both had a perfect view, and I was freaking out. Proud momma!!! We tried to get her to walk in between us, but she just kept cracking up from Jason's hands on her sides...hehe :).

Mommy's new craft room

This is my new craft room that Jason built me for our anniversary! It's awesome! Perfect size for all my things, and my little getaway. I learned how to use my sewing maching last week - now if I could just get better at sewing :).

1st and last time to wear these long johns ;)

These jammies say they are 18 months, but there's simply no way! I had already gotton both arms and legs in, and I wasn't turning back at that point. I just had to stretch them so that the holes between the snaps would go away somewhat. Anyway, these are super cute - and I'm so sad she could've been wearing them for a long time :(

playin around with daddy

Thursday, October 12

Kerstyn's 1st lollipop, and playin in 'her' cabinet

We went thru the drive thru at the bank, and they gave me 2 lollipops for Kerstyn. So, I thought we'd try it when we got home. She obviously had no interest in it! She tried giving it to Mr. Blue (see him in the bottom left hand corner of the last pic) - who refussed - so she threw it on the ground.

She loves playin in her cabinet where all the tupperware is, and gets it everywhere!

Kerstyn's TrendyTush diaper and bout to go to bed

Monday, October 9

chillin in her chair

Kerstyn is big enough now to get in and out of her rocking chair. She liked just sitting in it, and watching T.V. She's just so cute!!!

Kerstyn playin around some more :)

Sunday, October 1

Kerstyn working the remote

She knows exactly what to do with this, and it's too funny. She intently watches to see what the reaction is to whatever button she's pushing. She can be in the other room playing, and hear elmo's world or blue's clues and come at a mad dash in to see it. She's already addicted...