Thursday, June 22

Kerstyn's bath tub, and our new kitty :)

Finally this is working!!!!!!
Kerstyn will no longer stay in her little bath tub seat, and so I had to think of something to do with her. I got this little swimming pool at Walmart, and it fits perfect in the bath tub. She's constantly standing up, and moving all around - so at least the puffed sides and bottom of the bath tub will protect her a little. She had a blast, and was excited to be free in the tub! Grampa Tate and Gramma Cheryl came to see us today, and watched Kerstyn while I did my garage sale. Jason worked on moving dirt all day, and helped me in the morning. They took Kerstyn to Sam's, and said she did really good. They got back just in time for nap time, but yeah right! Gramma tried to do it, but that didn't work - so then I went in and layed her down - and she just yelled and talked and played. So, grampa goes in and gets her out and starts singing to her in the rocking chair. I was like - oh my goodness - now she's never going to sleep! So, I shooed him out, and tried to relax her again. I layed her down, and she just played for another 30 mins - when I just gave up. So, we all went to eat at Golden Corral - where Kerstyn was very loud, and very very messy. She had her first taste of Mac n' cheese, and my dad gave her a taste of some kind of dessert thing - so she had her first taste of real sugary sweets too. She did really well, and went to sleep the fastest I've ever seen her go down for bed :).

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