Monday, May 29

swim lessons started!

Kerstyn has started her survival swim lessons. It was a little overwhelming to us all as we watched her in the water. We had a crowd there for her 1st lesson - grandaddy and gramma Fischer, Karleigh and Becky and her daddy and I. Her instructor - Tammy - got right into the lesson, and Kerstyn was floating pretty well. She did end up throwing up a little bit of formula, and took in a lot of water. We recorded it, and I'll be recording every Monday for the next few weeks. I'm relieved and thankful to know that after this 4 week instruction course our little girl will know how to survive if she ever fell into the water!

After the lesson we stood outside and talked with grandaddy and gramma Fischer and then went to eat Chinese food for lunch. Kerstyn was a hungry little girl! She had a little rice, her teething toast, a little bit of banana, cantaloupe, and jarred pears - oh and of course cheerios. :) She had fun mostly playing with her food!

Well, it's official - - - - she's finally got a tooth coming through! I knew it was going to shine it's little pointy face into the world any day now - and it has! I felt tonight, and it's really, really, really sharp!!! So, she's no longer toothless! :)

Thursday, May 25

stickum up!!!


Aunt Tonya - my shoes fit me now, but won't make it til winter! Ain't they cute!!!

Kerstyn is curious about everything! I told Jason the other day that it's time to start child proofing all the cabinets. :) Don't mind the droopy drawers.

let me out!

Kerstyn loves having Karleigh here to copy and annoy :). Karleigh is Ashlee's new bestfriend, and Ashlee is eating it up! It is hillarious to watch Kerstyn laugh and laugh at Ashlee while she is outside of the window. She is so much fun!!!

Monday, May 22

my little pianist

I got a bunch of great stuff for Kerstyn Saturday at the garage sale, and only let her have 2 things before her birthday. She fell in love with this piano, and so I just had to let her have it early. :) I've put everything else upstairs in the closet - so I won't give it to her early. I got some great deals, and can't wait for her to get all the other goodies!!

tissue girl

Jason watched Kerstyn Saturday morning while I went to a huge garage sale with a friend. Well, Kerstyn always manages to get into something while I'm away - and this time was no different! I went to get a tissue Sunday night, and I was like are these used? Jason said ummm no, look at the pictures...

I found these, and then my question was answered. Last time it was a sticky note pad. LOL

Thursday, May 18

oatmeal fun!

I took Kerstyn to the dr. yesterday just to make sure she didn't have an ear infection since she'd been waking so much at night. Clear ears, and it's just allergies. :( So, for the next couple of weeks he wants her on allergy medication, and then she should get better. She weighed 17.6 lbs! That means she's gained 3 lbs in a month and a half - WOW! She's totally refused to take food from me in a spoon - she just wants to feed herself. Her dr. said to just put her oatmeal out in front of her, and let her feed herself - wow what a mess! He said it was great that she wants to be so independent and do it herself, and to just continue and encourage her. She's started letting go of things when she's in standing position, and just hanging there for a few seconds before grabbing back onto the thing that was supporting her. Our little girl is growing up, and fast!!!

oatmeal fun!

oatmeal fun!

fun, fun, fun

Monday, May 15

This little girl has gotto be going to cut some teeth very, very soon! There are a bunch of nubbies on her gums, she's had a runny nose, and been especially fussy. Poor baby!!! She's also been having a hard time putting herself back to sleep at night I think because it hurts so much. I guess it could be possible that she'd get more than 1 tooth in at a time??? I hope it hurries up and happens so she won't be in pain anymore! She doesn't have a problem posing for pictures :)

Sunday, May 14

Bikini girl

Kerstyn was helping me fold her laundry, and I just had to put her bikini on her to try it out. It's still a little too big, but at the rate she's growing it will fit by the time she's a year. :)

Happy Mother's Day mommie!

I got to sleep in today for Mother's Day, and when I got up Jason had put this outfit on Kerstyn. It's 0-3 months, lol! It was funny because I was laying in bed thinking that I needed to put her in this outfit before it got too small. Since she's been on formula she's chubbin out - even her shoes are getting small! So, Jason got to change his first major poopie diaper and survived! He said it was 4 lbs - haha!