Sunday, June 11

My poor little girl has had a fever the whole weekend! I called the on-call pediatrician Friday night, and apparently running a fever while teething are an old wive's tale??? Everyone I've talked to says they go hand in hand. That's the only thing we can think of it being, and otherwise she is acting pretty normal. Every once in a while she'll let out a whale of a cry, and last night I was up with her for a couple of hours until her fever came down. Poor little girl - I just hate this!!!

Last night while I was trying to get her to eat something - I was eating a plum, and giving her little pieces. I figured I'd take the skin off of one, and just let her have it. She loved it! She was able to get all the good juices and take little bitty bites with her new tooth - it's in really well after the past couple of days.

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