Tuesday, August 29

come home quick Uncle Robert!!!

I thought I'd try this 18 month shirt on Kerstyn, and it fits her really good! It says "My Uncle Is A Soldier". I love the one of her holding her hands out. She sucked her thumb a lot yesterday, and now I know it was because she doesn't feel well. Well, she's a cutie even when she's not feeling good!

Hurry home Uncle Robert!!! We miss you, and pray for you everyday!!!!


This would be Kerstyn's first wedgie, and I've got the pics to prove it! Look closely at the dangling piece of carpet from her bedroom...LOL - when your in the house all day with a cranky baby you gotta find something amusing! :)

visit with family

Kerstyn's great Aunt Sharla and Uncle Doug came from San Antonio to visit us! Gramma & Grandaddy and Aunt Candice and Cali came too. We all had a great breakfast together, and got to hang out for a bit. Kerstyn got all kinds of goodies from Aunt Sharla & Uncle Doug - as you can see. This is when we realized that Kerstyn wasn't acting at all like herself - just more crabby than normal. After taking her to the doctor today it was all confirmed. She has an ear infection and a slight upper respitory infection with a sore throat! He said the ear infection was just starting to get bad, and so it was good I brought her in. She should be feeling like her normal self again in another couple of days - just in time to go see Aunt Katie for the weekend...yeah!!!

Kerstyn and Ashlee wanted to go outside while daddy swept off the back porch, but they just got to watch. Kerstyn wasn't too happy about it, but decided she was okay since she got to see him. She just adores her daddy!!!

Oh, and Ashlee was just too cute laying in her little spot on the couch - so I had to add those in :). She has grown to love her new sister, but I think she loves it even more when she goes to bed!

Saturday, August 26

Kerstyns' first fort :-)

I came out from getting ready to go out to dinner, and Jason had made Kerstyn her 1st play fort. She thought it was the greatest thing she'd ever seen! She's started doing this thing where she'll put the pillows on the floor, and lay her head down for a few seconds for a breather or something (as seen in the 1st picture). It's the funniest, and cutest thing! She's just so funny. She cracked up when Mr. Blue went under the fort - she just kept laughing so hard - until he left.

Kerstyn loves to climb inside whatever is available. It just so happened to be her shopping cart. These are a little fuzzy, but I think you can get the idea.

playin in the grass with daddy

Last night Kerstyn couldn't go to sleep. She was in her crib jumping up and down and screaming/yelling - so I took her out at 7:35. She played outside with her daddy in the grass, and had a great time! She seems to be more willing to try and walk while in the grass - compared to being anywhere else. She finally ended up getting pretty tired around 8:40, and went to sleep by about 9. Jason seemed to think that this would make her sleep in, but I didn't think it'd make any difference. She did end up sleeping in a little - until about 6:45 - so, he didn't have to get up with her until about 7:30. It looks like that's as much "sleeping in" as were gonna get. :)

Thursday, August 24

Eatin lunch

Kerstyn loves eating! She always goes after the biggest piece of whatever she is eating too. I gave her 1/2 a banana with her lunch today, and I did end up having to take it away and break it into pieces. She stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. She's such a good little eater, and she's still eating her veggies great too! That yellow stamp on her hand is from our time at the library today - that's the 1st time she's gotton to get a stamp :). She also got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest. She's getting so big - too fast!

Wednesday, August 23

ridin her bike backwards

ridin her bike
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Well, she got on her bike - and pushed it backwards. After three rolls back she ran over her foot. I think she could of figured it out if she'd of gotton her right foot out of the sippy cup holder. I tried to get a picture of her when she first started messing with it - she had both feet in the front basket, and was sitting on the basket. She climbs all over everything! She has no fear in climbing, but walking is a whole nother story.

Ashlee, Blue and Kerstyn playin

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Kerstyn just loves playing with her animals! She laughs, and laughs, and laughs - and at move they make by her. She's been giving Ashlee her measuring cups to play with. Ashlee takes them so gently from her hand (Kerstyn cracks up), and Ashlee carries it around for a bit - then gives it back to do it all over again. They are really having a great time together, and whenever Kerstyn decides to start walking they will have even more fun. Ashlee thinks she's getting to be more fun now! Blue just follows Ashlee around all the time...

Kerstyn with her playmates

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Sunday, August 20

scrunchy smile

scrunchy smile
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She has figured out how to ride her horsey all by her self. She sways back and forth, back and forth - and will even bounce a little bit. She is getting so big so fast. No walking yet, but standing in place is happening for at least a whole minute at a time. She is even playing with toys while holding them, and standing in place. So, whenever she decides to take off - she will.

Kerstyn and Jason's 1st candle lit meal

I think they have exactly the same face in this picture! LOL

Kerstyn was getting a little frustrated because it was taking her daddy a little bit to get the skin off of the hot dog so she could eat a piece. She ended up with a few bites, and was happier then. These days her and I are eating our meals together. So, daddy is figuring out fast - that she expects some of his too! She loves her daddy!

Friday, August 18

climbing to get the forbidden fruit

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I was turned for 5 seconds and swish - super crawling, climbing Kerstyn was up, up and getting the forbidden grapes! She's fast.

forbidden fruit!

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No matter what I do - she always ended up over to get after these grapes. I guess she thinks they're real, or just really cool anyway! So, they've been moved into the spare bedroom for a while.

I'm all dressed up to go shoppin momma

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13 months old

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Kerstyn can fit into her 12 month clothes now...well kinda :)

Gramma, Cali and Kerstyn

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Gramma Fischer, Cali and Kerstyn

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Kerstyn had a great time playing with Cali and Gramma on Saturday. Kerstyn is trying to give Cali a block to play with. These two little girls will be able to play hard in just a few short months!

future ballerina?

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Kerstyn is trying to crawl and get into everything! She's so much fun.

reading upside down :)

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reading in the bath

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bath time fun!

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Kerstyn loves her bath time. She's been taking bubble baths, and she thinks she can eat the bubbles. Here is her with a bubble beard - from trying to eat them. She's oh so cute!!!

Tuesday, August 8

Kerstyn & Mr. Blue

Kerstyn loves playing with Blue!

Well, we've gotton no walking as of yet! I think she's just satisfied crawling, and when she does walk with her walking toys - she ends up going down on her knees. I think she's a little scared too of falling. So, she'll walk when she's good and ready! Otherwise, she's using her feet for everything. Everytime I turn around she's in like this karate chop position - it's too funny! I've tried to catch pictures of it, but she's too quick. She's always lifting her leg and putting it on her toys also - not sure what all that's about, but she likes it :).

Monday, August 7

her new most favorite drink...

Danimals - yogurt that's drinkable. They're yummy, and she thinks so too. Of course she drinks them with a straw, but I let her have this one to play with after she was done. The other pics are some close ups we took today - she was obsessed with the camera.