Wednesday, October 31

Our 2 girls...

hangin on the couch before bed tonight :)

Monday was Kerstyn's

first school picture day :). This was after I picked her up from school, but her pony tails were still standing strong - hehe :). She looked adorable!!!

Monday, October 29

our day away...

We went to see aunt Katie and the kids, and had fun! Jacob put the hat and bandana on Kerstyn, and she thought it was cool...for a minute. There is a little playground right across the street from their new house - and that was so nice. Kerstyn played just like a big girl on everything. She even wanted to swing all by herself - not bad for a kid who just 6 months ago was scared to go down the slide without mommy! Preschool has really helped this little girl become more independent. I would try and help her do things, and she'd say "I can do it momma!" - my little girl is growing up so fast!!!

pretty as a princess!!

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Kerstyn will occationally bring her tutu to me to help her put it on. Saturday morning was one of those days :). She wanted to go outside and pick all the flower blooms, but she just looked so cute doing it that I had to snap some pictures :).

Saturday, October 27

orange day

Monday was orange day at school, and I've been meaning to post these pics since then. Kerstyn's shirt turned out pretty good, and she had a fun day!! They said she's been doing really well this week, and seems to be adjusting just fine. That makes us feel better :).

Sunday, October 21

orange matching shirts :)

Tomorrow is orange day at school. So, I got some rit dye and dyed a shirt and some socks for Kerstyn and thought hey I could try and tye dye some shirts too - why not? I had a plain white T-shirt I'd gotton at a garage sale and got one of Jason's white shirts and gave it a whirl. They turned out okay, and Kerstyn is sleeping in her's tonight. I had some rinestones that say cool that I put on her orange shirt for school tomorrow - so I'll get a picture of that in the morning.

zoo fun!

We had a full weekend of fun!! Kerstyn really enjoyed the zoo today. She's just getting so big, and in some ways it's sad - but it's deffinately bitter sweet!! We are having so much fun with her, and are able to do so much more now that she is older. She ran all over the zoo - not that it's too big anyway. Then we went on the train ride - which she loved, and then she played on the huge wooden play ground they have. It was nice, and we were pooped!! She came home and took a late nap, and then Jason and I did for a bit too :). It was a great weekend!

zoo fun!

playin at the park at the zoo

Saturday, October 20

pumpkin patch!

Kerstyn had a lot of firsts today! We met our friends Courtney and Michael and went to the pumpkin patch (which really isn't a patch at all - they bring in the pumpkins by truck loads), and she got her face painted, and rode on some hay in a trailor being pulled by a tractor. She was so still while getting her face painted, and really checked it out in the mirror afterwards. I told her before she took her nap that we were going to the pumpkin patch after she woke up. She knew what a pumpkin was - so who knows really what she was thinkin? It was so easy to lay her down for her nap! That was amazing!!! No crying, fussing or anything. I just sang our prayer over her, and layed her down and boom she was out. This preschool thing is N.I.C.E.! We had a really great day!!!!!

pumpkin patch fun!

We deffinately got our moneys worth at the pumpkin patch. There's only so much you can do, and it's pretty small. Somehow we managed to be there for about 2 hours. Kerstyn was like the energizer bunny, and kept going, and going, and going! Whewwww...I'm gettin old! Thankfully we could ride the hayride (which took all of 3 mins total) as many times as you wanted - because Kerstyn didn't want to get off! So, we went again, and again, and again, and again - then I told her okay that's all for real now. She had so much fun!!