Saturday, August 18

friends playing

We made some new friends a couple months ago, and we've been enjoying eachother! We've been switching off watching the kids, and wow - we get to actually go out on a date for our anniversary Friday!!! I think we've been out without Kerstyn 4 times since she was born, and having someone we trust to switch off w/is such a blessing! Kerstyn is learning how to share (with help from the spoon ;) ), and developing friendships that she'll have for years to come.

our blessing!

God blessed us with this, and I still can't believe it! She loves playing in it, and always asks to go outside and play. We are deffinately princess' of the King!!!!!!!!!1

Saturday, August 11

bow happy!!!

playin with Robby

Robby went to his grandparents last night, and Kerstyn asked for him last night - and then again 1st thing this morning. I guess she misses the little guy! He was so so sweet, and they had a ball!!

playin with Robby

Kerstyn loved having Robby to play with!