Saturday, April 15

zoo time

We went to the Gainsville Zoo with Aunt Tonya, Danielle and cousin Aden yesterday. This was Kerstyn and Aden's 2nd time to this zoo - although they both slept through the 1st time in October. Unfortunately Aden hadn't had a nap all day and was a little grouchy, and Kerstyn was allright as long as she was moving in the stroller. I had to walk around and around the benches with her so she wouldn't get upset. After the zoo we went on a train ride around the park, and that's when Aden passed smooth out! Kerstyn did end up taking a little cat nap on the way home, and slept wonderfully last night!!! Then, on our way home I drove to Denison to see if the bluebonnets had spread anymore.We ended up getting out at the dam and walking through the sand, and Danielle and Aden put their feet in the water. We got a little sun, a little excersize, a little sight seeing, some great family time and had lots of fun.

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