Wednesday, April 26

daily doings

A mammas gotta do what a mammas gotta do to get ready! Kerstyn is all over the place - getting into everything - climbing on everything - not wanting to take naps during the day because she wants to do all of the above! So, after I layed her down for a nap, took a potty break, was going to check the weather to see what to wear - she had already woke up. So, I had to do something with her to barricade her in, and get ready at the same time - this worked! Then I decided we needed to go for a walk because she was so crabby, but didn't want to sleep. After getting her all covered up and winterized we went for a walk, and she got tired and came home for a short little nap :).

Oh, and the close up shot is showing off Kerstyn's 1st time to use hair gel. :) It kept the fuzzis under control.

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