Wednesday, April 19

Kerstyn's 9 month well visit

Yesterday Kerstyn and I went to her doctor appointment, and she was so happy! The nurse always loves on her and plays with her - Kerstyn always cracks up at her. She even took Kerstyn around with her while we were waiting to get her finger pricked - that wasn't fun!! I've been meaning to get pictures of Kerstyn with her doctor (Dr. Lipscombe) for a long time now, and just remembered to take my camera this time. I gave in and let her wear a new pair of her shoes we had gotton her for her birthday. I love them! They really allow her to not slide on the floor, and she in general has more control over standing and stuff.

She weighed 15 pounds 5 ounces, was 27 inches long and her head circumfrance was 42.5. She gained 1 pound 2.5 ounces since March 30th-so that's great! Her iron is a little low, and so she will be on a supplement for the next 3 months. All in all she is very healthy and happy! There are some things she is advanced on and some she is behind on - but no 2 babies are alike - so I dunno where they get that stuff from.

The pictures of Kerstyn with Dr. Lipscombe are not that great of her, and that's not her ear in the 1st one - it's the painting on the wall behind them. :) hahaha

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