Saturday, April 1

gettin ready for bed

Kerstyn has done so well with the start of being weaned from nursing. I did comfort nurse her a little this morning, because she was SO upset after sucking her nose - then daddy took her outside, and that seemed to settle her down. She absolutely hates that!! She's still got snotties up in there, but we can't seem to get em out. Hopefully her runny nose will stop any day now. We were getting her ready for bed tonight, and Jason said he just had to take pictures of her with her towel on. She has been such a happy little camper! She even did great today being in her car seat for about 5 hours total non-stop. I say that's great! (So, aunt Katie I think we will make it to Missouri :) ) She does love her new car seat, and I sat back there most of the time so I could give her a bottle and play with her.

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addictedtoblogs said...

You havent even came to my house, and I am only 3 hours away, but thats ok with me now.