Monday, April 17

Kerstyn's new onesie

This is Kerstyn's new oneisie that I had made it says "Want to feed me? Get permission first!" These pictures aren't that great because she was on the verdge of melting. :)

The reason for this is because of Kerstyn's sensitivities and allergic reactions to certain foods. We were at a birthday party about a month ago and someone tried to give her chocolate ice cream! :O Of course I freaked because she is currently allergic to dairy, and so this was my idea of stopping it from happening again. We really need to take her to an allergist soon, and the only one I've found on our insurance is at Children's Hospital in Dallas. Yucko! I hate Dallas traffic! So, when we have the money we will be traveling down there for some tests to see exactly what she is allergic to and what she has sensitivities to.

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