Sunday, April 9

Get ready, set, go!

Kerstyn is now pulling up to a standing position! She started doing that on Saturday, and wants to do it all the time now. I think she is starting to wave, but I'm really not sure. She sits down on the floor and shakes her arms up and down, and is amazed at staring at her hands. Then she'll do the super baby thing and be in crawling position and lift one hand - this is the position she was in when I thought she waved today. I need to start working with her on it, and I'm sure she will get it down. I really, really need to find a play group or something with other kids so she can get some interaction with other babies. I *might* put her in the nursery this weekend at church - I bet I don't, but I might. We will just wait and see then I guess.

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