Friday, April 21

Eating cheerios for the 1st time

I've been putting some finger foods down for Kerstyn to play with while I've been feeding her in the morning and at dinner. She really wants to hold the spoon and feed herself, but ends up getting nothing in her mouth. She is more than ready to be feeding herself some finger foods, and so I've been trying to encourage her by putting some stuff down for her at meals. She was having a time talking to the cheerios! She was spitting and babbling a lot. In the past few days she's been saying bababababa, dadadadada, and she still says mamamama when she is fussing/crying - go figure! :) I guess she is figuring out what she is saying??? Anyway, she is seeming to like the baba, dada babbling more - and screams - oh yeah - all the time! She is too funny :)

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