Thursday, April 13

I'm 9 months old!!!

Today Kerstyn and I went to the Denison library for story and play time. It was pretty crazy because of being Easter weekend, but it was still fun. Kerstyn was the only baby there, but they reassured me that babies do come. She will earn a book for every 2 visits we attend. She crawled all around, and went up to total strangers - so at least I know she's not afraid. She played in the puppet house, and with the puppets, and kept trying to play with another little girl - but she just kept wanting to step on Kerstyn, and was kinda rough - I don't think she knew she was real. Anyway, we had a great time, and will deffinately be going back.

I can't believe 9 months ago today - right now - she was born! WOW - she was crying her little head off at this time 9 months ago. She is growing up so fast, and changing every single day.

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