Tuesday, April 25

laughing, talking, screaming bath time!

I've been trying to upload this video since I took it a little over a week ago. Finally it has worked. :)

This is Kerstyn's new babysitter, Ashley, making funny faces at Kerstyn and she got sooooo excited. This was the 1st time I'd seen Kerstyn laugh, scream, play and talk so much. Ashley lives down the street, and she will be staying at the house while Kerstyn sleeps so I can go to church. She hasn't actually babysat yet, but I will deffinately be utilizing her! Finally, Jason and I will be able to go a date sometime!!! I'm excited about her being available, and Kerstyn already really liking her. Also, it should be easy for Kerstyn to learn her name considering she hears it a lot! LOL :)

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1 comment:

Katie said...

haha - she sounded like baby Tarzan there at the end...