Friday, March 10


Kerstyn and I went to Wal-Mart in Denison the other day, and they had a whole bunch of toys on clearance. The lady that worked in toys said that they were about to move a bunch of departments around, and so they wanted her to get rid of a lot of stuff. Anyway, we got this awesome little walker/scooter car for $15! It was regular $30 - so I think that is awesome. I got her another toy too, but figured I'd hang onto it for her birthday. This car is soo cool! It makes all kinds of noises, and when she starts walking the seat that is seperated goes together and she can ride it and push it with her feet. It's just a whole lota toy for $15!!! I'm probably more excited about then she is. I also wanted to get her something that she could pull up on, and she almost wanted to try it - but decided not to. She's just so darn cute!!!! Oh, and I took a bunch of pictures, and they will be contined below - because I can only put 5 pictures per entry.

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