Wednesday, March 29

the cutest bunny ever!

On my breastfeeding website there was mom that got some bunny ears for her baby, and put her in a basket - it was soooo cute, and so I had to go get some ears too. Jason said they really freaked him out because of the eyeballs on them - so I took those off. I did finally find a basket big enough for her to fit in and we are going to go take some pictures today on our walk. (We have to go down the street to a house that has grass) So, although we will never do the Easter bunny thing, I just had to take an opportunity to capture the cutest bunny ever in some pictures!!! She is just so much fun, and so cute! I know I'm her mother, and of course I think she's the cutest - but she is!! lol - - I will post those pictures as soon as I get them done. :) So, she is growing up so fast! Last night I put her to bed, and about 40 mins later I hear her frantically screaming - different that a fussy cry. So, I ran in there, and she is standing up holding onto her crib, and she's stuck! Oh my gosh!!! I just couldn't believe it! So, then I got her, and rocked her, but she just wanted me to put her down. So, then about 10 mins later - it was a repeat! I had to put the bar up that folds down in the front of her crib. WOW! So, I ran outside and told Jason that he was going to have to lower the mattress this morning. He said well I guess she's gonna skip crawling altogether! Now, her mattress is soooo low! It's so strange, and kinda hard to lay a sleeping baby all the way down there without waking her up!!! Oh well we will manage. She is getting so big!

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