Thursday, March 30

Kerstyn feeding herself

We went to the doctor today, and Kerstyn has only gained 2.5 ounces since the beginning of January. I told her doctor (who I LOVE!) that we've been giving her a bottle of formula in the evening because it is helping her sleep better. He said he would really like to see us up the bottles she is getting to equal 4 a day. He wants her to gain 3 ounces by 4-18 for her 9 month well visit. I have been praying about weaning her anyway, and so this is just another sign that it's okay to start that. He said I didn't have to wean her completely if I didn't want to, and that I could still nurse her as often as I wanted. I think though that I'm ready to have my body to myself again. It will take about a month anyway to be completely done, and so by then I'll know what we should do. She does love the bottle, and she loves to feed herself.

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