Thursday, March 30

she pulled up on her toy box!

Kerstyn crawled over to her toy box - and pulled up on it - and started looking around at all the toys and moving them around! I was in shock. I just can't believe how fast she is growing!! WOW, she has just been crawling for 3 days, but she's got it down pretty good. While at the doctor today he said she could be walking by the time she is 10 months old. He said she is deffinately hitting her milestones, and developing great! I booked my mom's airplane ticket tonight for the week of Kerstyn's 1st birthday! I'm so excited for her to be here with us at her birthday. So, family and friends make no plans for the 15th of July - cuz you'll be at Kerstyn's First Birthday Party!!!! :)

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Katie said...

She is the most precious thing I've seen. I can't wait to see her!