Sunday, January 22

Visit with my family

Aunt Candice, gramma & grandaddy Fischer came to see Kerstyn yesterday. Gramma got her a Valentine's goody bag, and just couldn't wait to give it to her. She got the cute pink puppy in the pic, a shirt, plates and a book to play with in the bath tub. As you can see she is very interested in getting into the bag, and seeing what else is inside of it. Gramma and Aunt Candice played hard with Kerstyn all day. They hugged and loved her bunches. We all went to Cici's pizza for lunch, and Kerstyn was so good! She showed off her new language - blowing her spit and babbling. She had a great day with our family.


Katie said...

You are so creative with this thing. If we ever have another one - you're gonna have to help me keep up with this kind of stuff.

Katie said...

oooooohhhhh - look at those barstools!!!! and recliner!!! it took me a minute, but I see them and they are really pretty!!

Dena said...

hehe your so funny! I wish we lived closer - I miss u :(