Tuesday, January 17

I like sweet potatoes

Kerstyn is my little sweet potatoe! Oh, how I love her!! Tonight she got a little bit of sweet potatoes, and I wonder if any got in her mouth. With every bite she has to put her hand in her mouth. It's so funny.

We got our new baby bjorn carrier today, and so far so good. It is so comfortable, and will come in handy all the time. Kerstyn loves facing forward and seeing the world. So far we have only worn it once, and that was to play frisbee with Ashlee outside. I can't belive how fast our little angle is growing up! She just woke up, and I went in to nurse her back to sleep. While she was eating I just stroked her head and face. She is just so precious! I treasure our every moment together! We are so blessed!!!

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